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10 Best Party Cities to Go Clubbing in the UK

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It is the holiday season in many places of work and schools. Whether you are a visitor looking for the best places to hang out or you want to have some fun before you resume classes or work, you deserve to find the best places of interest for partying within the UK.

This article details 10 of the best cities you should visit for partying. You will find the information you need to learn about each city as far as clubbing goes. By the end of the article, you will have made a concrete decision about the city you will visit before the end of the vacation.

These ten cities are the best choice destinations for partying needs.

1. Brighton

As a seaside city, Brighton is a must-visit destination for partying and beach entertainment. Along the beach, you will find many restaurants and bars where you can party all night.

Popular among students, you will find the best parties and events in the city during the holiday season. You can also visit Lola Lo or Coalition for the best party any season. Ensure that you carry your identification document because the bouncers are strict in Brighton. It is for your safety.

2. Manchester

For people interested in top partying experience, Manchester is an ideal alternative to London. You get the highest life experience in clubbing - except for a cheaper rate. Some clubs operate throughout the night until after sunrise.

For a complete fun and live music, drive down the Oxford road. Deaf Institute is one of the places you can try out in Studentville for live entertainment. Everything is so lively that you may end up spending everything on your night out.

3. Leeds

Are you traveling on a budget and want to try some night out in the UK? Leeds is a student partying destination, and anyone can join and enjoy the discounted services. It is easier to find free entry clubs in Leeds than any other party city in the entire UK.

For people who are into music, then you need to try out Leeds. Almost all the bars offer you a variety of it. You can move to the next one (bars are close to each other) when you feel the tune is not your taste. For live performances, try out Brudenell Social Club, which is in Hyde Park.

4. Edinburgh

A clubbing hotspot in Europe, Edinburgh is a must-visit party destination in England. The city is nicknamed "dusk till dawn" because of the sequence of activities throughout the night. Hogmanay (the New Year's Eve party) is around the corner, and you do not want to miss it.

The clubs in Edinburgh are not as close together as those in Leeds. For the best experience, you can share a cub with your friends and a bunch of your night-out accessories on the roof racks so that you can dance the whole night at The Caves. With live music performance, you do not need to move from one point to another to enjoy your night.

5. Cardiff

Wales' capital is the eleventh city in size in the entire UK. Recently, Cardiff has started to grow as one of the partying destinations in the UK. During the sporting weekends, you can experience the best clubbing you have wanted.

The Westgate makes an ultimate stop clubbing night. The people from Wales are used to drinking. When partying with them, you should try not to compete with them in emptying the bottles. You will get drunk long before you end your race.

6. Bristol

Bristol is another student hub for partying in the UK. The city is known for drums and bass, and you can expect a pleasing night out. Timbuk 2 is an ideal destination for Drum and Bass. You can also try out Park Row.

Syndicate offers the best house music performance. However, it is hard to make a concrete choice at any given time. Trying a variety of music performances can help you find your true taste. Try out Basement 45 for pleasing music or the Retro Venue for live performances.

7. Sheffield

The small city of South Yorkshire also makes it to the best clubbing destinations in the UK. Although it is a small city, you can experience memorable parties during your visit. You can tour the town in a small town, but the entertainment here seems to have no end.

Leopold Square is the place to be for your evening parties and experience. During Summer, you will find live performances and outdoor music at various bars and restaurants. West Street offers you vibrant and loud music as you party in the busiest part of the city.

8. Liverpool

Liverpool is already popular, and one of the biggest cities in the UK. Such a huge city will have plenty of places to choose from for a night out. Whether you are a student or a clubbing fan looking for the best places to hang out and enjoy your night, Liverpool has a place for you.

Heebie Jeebies is a considerable club for your partying needs. A highly-rated bar, Heebie Jeebies hosts electric DJ performances and live music. You can enjoy your evenings from 5 pm till 4.00 in the morning.

9. Glasgow

The Scottish port city is one of the best partying destinations. However, it may not be as popular as it should be. Hosting some of the world's most famous DJs, Glasgow is a must-visit clubbing destination for your festive vacation.

Glasgow also hosts the biggest underground dance club in the world, the Sub Club. Located on 22 Jamaica St, Sub Club also has excellent rating reviews on Google. As a music venue, you can dance off your night every Friday and Saturday, between 11 pm and 3 am.

10. Swansea

The City and County of Swansea, as its official name goes, is a city by the coast of Wales. You can expect clubbing here to be much like Cardiff - knowing that the Welsh are into drinking and partying all night.

Among the many clubs and bars in Swansea, users rate The Bunkhouse Bar and Music Venue best by experience. The bar is on 24 Park St and operates from Wednesday to Sunday.

As a music venue, you can start your party and dance to live performances as early as 7 pm and go on until 2 am when the club closes. The best alternative for budget travelers is Swansea Jazzland, located on 47 Uplands Cres.

Summing it Up

With uncountable cities in the UK, you can party in any region that you visit. This list of ten partying cities is a summary that shows you what to expect. And remember that we could not exhaust the various clubs in each city. You need to visit your favorite city to experience fun in full.

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