Friday, November 1, 2019

The Kuyakoys' ET Online Show Airs Their Pilot Episode

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Congrats to my co-hosts John Cueto  (Larawan at Kape) and Jayson Biadog  (Jayson Biadog Dot Net ... It was an almost 2k views (and still growing) for a trial pilot episode of Kuyakoy's ET at VG8 Radio of Creativoices Productions on the last day of October, Thursday the 31st.

Joining us as special guest was David Ricardo Valencia Ferro of Fandom Diaries coming in later in the show.

Our Kuyakoys' ET (ET could mean Events and Travel, Entertainment and Tech, or any other, even Extra Terrestrials since we will try to give you out of this world features with SUBSTANCE! But the flow would also depend on our, and our guests, moods for the day).

The name Kuyakoys was given by no less than the Voicemaster himself, Pocholo Gonzales, of Creativoices Productions and also the Marketing and P.R. Director at Titans Business Ventures Corporation.

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The show will be LIVE every Thursday at 10am to 12noon (two hours of storytelling, with special guests or features every episode, and we could also play videos of our events coverage, travel adventures, gadget unboxing, lifestyle features, video interviews, etc.,

We are using chroma or green screen so we can have any background or backdrop image, even a moving image or video, but we made it simple enough so it won't lag on the side of the viewers. Thank you Raymar our station manager for the technical expertise!

Earlier we played our exclusive video interviews  with the casts of 12 Days of Destiny starring Akihiro Blanco and Mary Joy Apostol as interviewed by David. This YouTube full movie, produced by Blade Auto Center, surpassed more than a million views already and counting. Part 2 and 3 is already in the works. Maybe your Kuyakoys will also be doing cameo roles on their movies. Why not!

We were invited as the only blog to witness the storycon with the casts (led by Akihiro Blanco and Mary Joy Apostol) and the director, and management of Blade Auto Center, producer of the YouTube full movie which reached more than a million views already and still counting.

We also talked about our recent travels and events namely Boracay, Nueva Ecija, Bacolod and many more including the restaurant opening of Ponce, a new Spanish Restaurant that recently opened in Tomas Morato, QC.

Now you can also watch the Pilot Episode of Kuyakoy's ET TV show on our Wazzup Pilipinas website

Kuyakoy's ET TV show is produced by VG8 of Creativoices Productions of Voicemaster Pocholo De Leon Gonzales. Specialmthanks to Station Manager Raymar Pena, who is also a vlogger.

We are open to all kinds of partnerships, sponsorships, and vloggers, bloggers and other forms of influencers are welcome to collab with us.

The show will be LIVE every Thursday at 10 am so see you again on November 7, 2019

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Remember, every Thursday at 10am. Kitakits mga Kuyakoys and Atekoys!

Next week we will be giving away some prizes to lucky viewers who engaged most with us, and are able to answer our question. You can personally come to the studio to claim your prize. Easy winning!

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