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Controversial Posts as a Key to the Success of Your Blog

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Blogging is becoming so popular that nowadays, many people consider starting their own blog or even start it. However, they not always (almost never) know what exactly makes a blog successful. No, it is not even interesting content, though it plays its role, of course. The main factor behind the blog success is the so-called controversial posts. Does the world “controversial” sound familiar to you? Are you already running to your computer to create a masterpiece built from controversies? Do not hurry through. Just go on reading to discover all the secrets of successful blogs and to find out how to write the real controversial posts.

What Is a Controversial Post?

Under a controversial post, it is understood a post about something that was not supposed to be written at all. For example, you insist that a popular social network is introducing or removing a new functionality. For example, what about Facebook removing the “Like” option? But the reality is that your news is completely false. Facebook has never thought of removing the “Like”. However, everybody who reads your post will immediately rush to the social network to check. They check once, wait some time, check one more time… Then, they start leaving comments under your blog post. Yep, in this case, those might be not very pleasant comments, but your target was to get new readers. And you get them, a lot of them.

Are There Bad Controversial Posts?

Yes, there are. At least we would determine them as bad. Let us explain to you our position and you will decide whether it is suitable for you or not.

Bad controversial posts are those posts that caused reactions that led to the post removal. These can be not only blog posts but also posts on social networks, and similar. Do you want some examples? Here we go.

For example, what about Facebook removing the “Like” option? But the reality is that your news is completely false. A pilot posted a picture of the city main square during a big celebration with a comment that it would be good to throw a bomb there. As you can guess, the comment was widely discussed and criticized, and in the end, the author was forced to remove it. Moreover, she was fired from her job. There is no doubt that we can regard is as a controversial post, but as a negative one.

Another example of a bad controversial post is connected with a travel guide of one blogger. The guy provided his readers with detailed instructions about how to survive in a famous city. In a while, furious inhabitants of the city mentioned in his blog started leaving comments with requests to remove the post. Later, after the explosion of protests, the blog post was removed and the blogger published excuses for it.

Good Controversial Posts Are a Way to the Popularity of Your Blog

But of course, for blog popularity, good controversial posts are important. And as you have already understood, these are the posts that evoke vivid discussions but are far from being abusive or unethical. For example, an example of a good controversial post is provided above, the one with Facebook.

One more example of a controversial post is if you share your ideas about a common, rather usual topic, but in a way to make others discuss it. The best example of it is a blog post of one young man stating that marriage is not for him. It would be perceived more than ok if not one small detail: he has been happily married for more than a year. He collected many comments under his blog post. Most of them were of a negative character, claiming that he is a selfish one, and similar. However, people mostly did not read the blog post itself, and it allowed us to create a vivid discussion and get plenty of views that, in turn, made his blog post viral.

It Takes Time and Knowledge to Write a Good Controversial Post

Cases, when a newbie could create a good controversial blog post, are rare. One needs a lot of practice to learn to write, moreover, one needs a significant experience to be able to select a proper topic for a controversial post and to describe it in an engaging way. So, do not get upset if you are not able to handle it immediately. You can always ask for professional writing help from

Practice, and once, you will write your best controversial blog post. And for now, we would like to give you some tips about your writing:

It doesn’t matter whether people agree or disagree with you, you should discuss their ideas only, not their race, nationality, ethical principles, and similar;

Do not try to position yourself as a Mr. Know All;

Accept other opinions, they have a right to exist.

If you follow these simple rules and practice, you will get the expected success.

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