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How to Get the Most Currency During Blight League in Path of Exile?

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The 3.8.0 update added the Blight League which is a tower defence style mode that also spans into the endgame. So, there's lots of content and also a lot of new loot to collect and trade. As per usual, Path of Exile works with using items are its form of currency instead of gold. So, it's a good idea to collect as much loot as possible to trade and sell with other players so you can get the things you do actually need or want. Of course, you can also sell them to vendors which are also a very good option and you can use the 'currency' you get from the Blight League as crafting material.

If you follow these tips, you will get the most Path of Exile currency as possible from Blight League and you will also make the most of the new season.

Chaos Orbs are valuable

They are the closest thing to gold in this game among players so it's good to collect as much of them as possible. If you look at the trades list, the majority of items will demand chaos orbs for an item. They're so popular that you can get most things you need just by trading them. So when you get them, keep and stockpile them for trading later. However, endgame items tend to demand Exalted Orbs which are 100 – 200 times more valuable so if you're lucky enough to find one or more of these: don't waste it! Research its value in the currently league and use it to get something of high value that you want.

Use Vendor Recipes for smarter sales

Selling groups of items together to a vendor will give you more than if you sold those items individually. There are over 100 known recipes but there are more that are also currently unknown so you might be able to discover some new ones with a bit of exploration. When starting out, a good base recipe to use is a helmet, body armour, belt, globes, boots, amulet, two rind and weapons that fit the weapon slots. Such as a 1-handed sword and shield, two 1-handed weapons or a 2-handed sword even. There are a lot more recipes than this of course and they will help you get more Chaos Orbs to get yourself some better gear.

Use a Loot Filter
Finding items for vendor recipes can be hard but you can use a Loot Filter to help you with this. It's a small config file that tells the game to visually highlight and display dropped items, so it hides the junk and shows the useful stuff. As you progress through the Blight League, you get more loot but most of it is junk and manually sorting it becomes a real pain. A loot filter makes it possible to find the good stuff and best of all, very experienced players have made them, so you don't need to make one yourself.

Collect all loots

Literally what the title says. If you have space in your inventory, collect it all. Then go back to vendors and sell as many recipes as possible. If you want more Orbs of course, that is why you need to do it. Always remember though, some of it will be junk and won't be very useful but in early game you need all the loot you can get. That way you can sell it all to try and get something useful.

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