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5 Reasons How Ketogenic Diet Affects Your Oral Health?

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Ketogenic is the current trend in dieting. Are you wondering what impact it posses on your dental health? This post has collected the information you need to know regarding the keto diet. With the information, you will learn how to care for your dental hygiene while training your metabolic processes with ketosis.

For those who are not aware, a ketogenic diet is a form of diet where you take food higher in fats and low in carbs. In this diet, you are not supposed to increase or decrease protein intake. The goal is to enhance metabolism on the fats instead of carbs. The diet is crucial in treating epilepsy in children. Some people also use keto as a means of weight loss - and Havard research supports the idea.

When it comes to dental care, you know that the type of food you eat can affect your health. Certain foods can help to maintain your teeth while others have adverse effects. What does the ketogenic diet pose on your dental health?

Here are five ways how ketogenic diet affects your oral health.

1. It Curbs Cavities

Cavities are dental infections that arise as a result of the accumulation of sugar in the mouth. When bacteria act on the sugar, it produces acids that dissolve the teeth enamel. Then bacteria and other micro-organisms burrow into the teeth and start eating up the pulp, causing tooth decay. In such conditions, the tooth becomes too painfull that I have to look for sedation dentistry near me for tooth extraction.

When you are on the ketogenic diet, you reduce the carbs in your food. We know that the breakdown of carbohydrates takes place in the mouth. Since the keto diet contains little amount of carbohydrates, there is going to be only a little amount of sugar produced during the digestion.

Reduction in the amount of sugar in the mouth means that the bacteria cannot make too much acid that can dissolve the teeth enamel. The saliva in the mouth is also busy washing away the sugar from the teeth and the other parts of the mouth. Because of the little amounts of carbohydrates, it will be easier for keeping the mouth sugar-free.

2. It Reduces Plaque Buildup

Another disadvantage of sugar content in the mouth is that it causes plaque. The plaque is, therefore, a result of the breaking down of carbohydrates in the mouth by enzymes in the saliva to produce sugar. The sugars, together with bacteria in the mouth, form a hard deposit on the teeth and the gums.

When you cut down on the carbs that you take, there is little sugar to accumulate in the mouth. We have already seen how saliva works to clean the excess sugar from the mouth. Knowing that ketogenic diets reduce the amount of sugar in the mouth gives you the assurance that bacteria will not find substances to cling to and form the plaque in your mouth.

3. Keto Reduces Gum Infections

Gum diseases arise as a result of plaque and bacteria in the mouth. Gingivitis, for example, is an inflammatory gum disease that affects the gums because of the bacteria. We already know that the mouth has a lot of beneficial bacteria, but it is the sugar that makes them “harmful” as they break them down.

When you have a plaque on the gums, they start to irritate and cause the gums to swell. The infection can lead to complications that can even lead to tooth loss.

Among other benefits, the keto diet is an easier way to deal with gum diseases. When you eat more fats and low carbs, you reduce the digestion processes that take place in the mouth. In return, you reduce sugar accumulation. Without sugar, there will be no plaques in the mouth. This translates to clean gums free from infections.

4. Keto Promotes Bad Breath

When starting with the keto diet, you may experience a change in your mouth odor and taste. Many people report that their mouths start to smell a few days after they change their diet. Others also say that their mouths develop a metallic taste.

The explanation for this is simple. When you eat more fats than carbohydrates, the body realizes that there is little sugar or glucose in the blood. To produce the energy you need for daily tasks, your body will start to metabolize the fats you eat and those your body has stored.

During the breakdown of fats to produce energy, the number of ketones in your body goes up. It is a natural and beneficial process, and the ketones are harmless. However, their increase in the body causes a slight difference in how your mouth smells and how you taste substances.

Although the effect of ketones is harmless, it can affect your self-esteem and personality. Focusing on general dental care and chewing mint can help to make your mouth and breath fresh. Another remedy is to reduce the amount of protein intake because when breaking down protein, the body produces ammonia that leads to bad mouth odor.

5. It Leads to Acidic Saliva and Dry Mouth

The sudden change in the diet affects the elements and nutrients your body needs. Since you are cutting down the carbohydrates and sugar, the sweet taste in the mouth goes down. For this reason, you start feeling that the saliva is bitter.

Lack of sugar in your diet also means that you will produce less saliva. It also means that when the sugar levels in the mouth go down, the saliva will reduce. The adverse effect of this is that there will be less lubrication on your teeth, gums, and lips. You will, therefore, experience a dry mouth. This might also cause other dental problems.

In Summary

There are various health benefits of the ketogenic diet. Apart from helping doctors and diet therapists to improve the well-being of their clients, keto can also help to improve your dental health. Checking your dental hygiene will help you to curb the negative effects of keto on your dental health.

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