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Compare and Contrast Essay Topics For Students

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Students in America who have trouble choosing compare and contrast essay topics should discover the solution from the experts in professional essay writing.

Compare and contrast assignments are an entirely different beast because they require knowledge of two subjects. It's not enough to have extensive knowledge of one subject, you must conduct research on two topics, which in some cases are polar opposites. Your job is to simply describe their similarities and differences. The difficulty isn't coming up with points to make, it's connecting them in a coherent and logical manner. Simply scattering them across the page isn't going to get you anything but an average grade.

These are the things you should always consider when choosing compare and contrast essay topics:

1. Do you know anything about the subject? Ensure you have at least some rudimentary knowledge of the topic before embarking on any research.

2. Students in America must always consider how much independent research the assignment requires. If there's a minimal amount of research don't waste your time with the topic. Examiners are looking for well-researched essays.

3. Make it interesting. Nobody wants to read something which lacks passion and excitement. Add some relevant yet intriguing facts to grab the reader from the beginning. You will garner a much better reaction.

Here are some compare and contrast essay topics for students in America to take advantage of. Also, you can use paper writing services to get help with your assignment.

  1. Snow and hail
  2. Urban music and Techno
  3. Reality TV stars and true celebrities
  4. Doctors and therapists
  5. Shakespeare and Walt Disney
  6. Las Vegas and Dubai
  7. Polar bear and Giant Panda
  8. Tuscany and Provence
  9. Cricket and Baseball
  10. A mosque and a cathedral
  11. A tattoo and a piercing
  12. Star Wars and Star Trek
  13. President Obama and President George W Bush
  14. America and New Zealand
  15. The American Bush and The Argentine Pampas
  16. Scuba diving and snorkeling
  17. Potty training a baby and toilet training a puppy
  18. Abortion and euthanasia
  19. Divorce and separation
  20. Renting a house and buying a house
  21. Apprenticeship and internship
  22. Laptop and tablet
  23. Low energy light bulb and fluorescent tube light
  24. The comma and the semi colon
  25. 3D printer and CGI
  26. Mining and reforestation
  27. Hot air balloon and hovercraft
  28. Discipline and laissez-faire
  29. Politics and religion
  30. Greek Salad and Nicoise Salad
  31. Tent and campervan
  32. Curiosity and nosiness
  33. Muteness and deafness
  34. Aussies and Kiwis
  35. Muscles and ligaments
  36. Camel and llama
  37. Greek Cyprus and Turkish Cyprus
  38. Halva and Houmous
  39. Catholic Christmas and Orthodox Christmas
  40. Casanova and Marquis de Sade
  41. Kylie Minogue and Danni Minogue
  42. American wines and Chilean wines
  43. Microwave cooking and barbequing
  44. Uluru and Macchu Pichu
  45. Literacy and Dyslexia
  46. Achilles and Hercules
  47. The movie The Kings Speech and the movie The Madness of King George
  48. The TV series Neighbours and the TV series, Home and Away
  49. The EU and G8
  50. Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin

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