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Boost Up Engagements on Instagram for Business

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You are on your way to gaining followers on Instagram and have developed a considerable audience but you are not growing or getting any results? Maybe you are missing one key thing? Instagram engagement rate is probably the most important stat that many top-level Instagrammers and social media experts put the most emphasis on. Likes and comments on Instagram posts and stories are very important and are an indication of how much your Instagram followers are responding to you.

Instagram engagements are most difficult to get and maintain, especially with the ever-evolving algorithm. This platform has become a hub for marketing and everyday new brands are joining Instagram, so the competition is increasing. This showcases the fact it is one of the best places to build a following and grow your business. If you are getting overwhelmed by this then don’t worry, here are some ways you can get more Instagram engagements and build a loyal community around your business.

H1. Post Instagram Stories Regularly

Stories are the flagship feature for marketing in the present era of social media. Instagram stories are the best way to engage with people, get their opinions and promote your brand. With the latest IGTV feature, you can give exclusive sneak peeks and much more to your audience. There are few things that are a must when it comes to Instagram stories. The hashtag! Since you have the liberty of choosing only one hashtag in your stories, you need to make it count. Your hashtag should be innovative and fully present what you are offering. You need to include it in your every story and once it catches it fire, you will have tons of people looking at your stories.

The same goes for location tag and mention tag. They will add more detail to your stories and with mention tag you can give a shout out or feature a fan and them in turn will feature your story. Also use poll and vote stickers, as they are the best way to get opinions from your followers or have them participate in a small competition. By doing this, people will engage with you more and you will become more visible to the audience.

Use Hashtags in your Posts and Stories

As stated earlier, hashtags are must and they are the critical piece to the puzzle of marketing. Unlike stories, you have the option of using up to 30 hashtags with your regular Instagram posts. Use this option to the fullest extent. Use the search bar in Instagram to view which tags are popular related to your business and use them regularly. Utilize the limited provided to you. The magnitude of the people coming to you by searching your relevant tags will be tremendous if you manage to use this feature effectively. As a result, you are bound to get more comments on Instagram.

Engage with Accounts like yours

Another way to get yourself noticed is by interacting with accounts similar to your niche. For example, if you are an upcoming food brand, then interact with other famous food brands of your region. This can be very useful especially when you are looking to build an audience and get engagements on Instagram. As comment on the posts or stories made by these accounts, people will notice you and your number of visitors will increase drastically. An easy way to find these accounts is by checking Instagram’s recommendations for you in the search tab. Or you can type names or hashtags in the search bar and reach these accounts.

Write Engaging Captions

In addition to using hashtags in your feed or stories, you need to write interesting and innovative captions. For example, instead of writing that your experience with something will be amazing, write a more detailed caption that explains that something and puts emphasis on the experience. Captions on stories can be short, concise and attractive but with feed you have the option of prolonging it. Everyone loves funny so try to incorporate that as well.

Reply to Comments on Instagram

This is very important. You need to regularly reply to your followers and on as soon as possible basis. Your audience will know that you know they are there and that you value them. You need to make your followers feel special and answer any queries that they may have. Stop anything you’re doing and reply to comments on your posts and stories. You can also mention others like you partners or joint ventures to even more engagements on Instagram.

Find the Right time to Post

By checking out Instagram Analytics, you will get to know the stats about the age, gender and location of your followers. By analyzing these stats, you can get the idea about the right time to update your Instagram so that you can schedule your posts and stories accordingly. By doing this you will appear on top of the feed list of your follower as most of your followers will be online during the time. As a result, you are bound to get to get more engagements and comments on Instagram.

Use Paid Promotions

Instagram provides you the option of using paid promotions to promote your account. Although the payment will vary depending upon the reach, the location and the age group you are targeting. However, it is a great way to get yourself noticed among the masses and get more followers in a relatively short time. Coupled with other non-paid methods this can prove to bolster your comment section and engagements on Instagram.

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