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Avoid Wedding Day Stress Following These 5 Simple Steps

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Wedding days are stressful for everyone. Some people even need to take anxiety medication to calm down before the ceremony begins. If you have extra cash, you can pay for a bridal coach who will help you to get through the day. If you do not have money to spare, here are some simple steps that will help you to avoid wedding day stress:

Get Smart

If you do not have a ‘wedding folder’, it would be wise to start one on your laptop or phone. You can use yours to write any ideas that you might have while doing tasks that are not wedding-related. Evernote is a great app that you can use to do this.

As soon as you get some free time, you can put together your quick thoughts. Doing so allows you to be more organized when planning your wedding. For instance, if you see Azazie offer on your way to work, you can write down a reminder on your wedding folder.

Get Advice

You should speak to people who have been in your shoes if you want to get some advice.

These people also put plenty of effort into their weddings and they have good advice. What do they wish that they had done differently? You should take notes so that you can learn from their bad experiences and avoid repeating them.

You might end up getting some good advice that you would not have thought of by yourself.

This is a great opportunity to bond with your future mother-in-law by asking her for advice. She will probably love to give you advice.

Be Social

In this super-connected world, you can share information with people that you have never met.

Sites such as Pinterest are there for inspiration purposes and they allow you to put all your information in one place. The goal of having a Pinterest account is to put all your pins in one place.

If you end up pinning too much, you will not know what to do. You should use specific boards such as food, flowers, and dresses. Make sure that you only use Pinterest for inspiration instead of trying to duplicate the pictures that you see there.

Tell your photographer the specific things that you like about a photo. Your wedding day should be unique and not an imitation.

Get a Grip

You should understand what is expected of you to avoid doing too much. Some people tend to over-decorate and overspend when planning their weddings. If you love minimalism, you should let it show in your wedding. Do not try to please other people by doing too much.

When it comes to choosing a wedding gown, opt for something that represents you well instead of going with the trends. In the world of photography, this translates as having a picture that people would identify as yours. Having a recognizable style is the epitome of photography.


You should take some time to take care of yourself. Meditation and yoga are some of the relaxation techniques that you should do to relax before your big day. You should sign up for yoga classes in your city and attend as many sessions as you can.

If yoga or meditation is not your thing, you can just go for a walk every morning. A little fresh air can do wonders for a stressed mind. When you relax your mind, you will be in a better state of mind to plan a wedding.


Avoiding stress on your wedding day is of utmost importance. The above tips will come in handy for those planning a wedding.

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