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Vacationing in Thailand: Top Eight Amazing Activities to Try

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Among all travel destinations, which modern-day individuals visit nowadays, Thailand has acquired most popularity. Pristine beaches, tropical rainforests, glittering temples, blue toothy mountains, rough limestone cliffs peeping from cultivated landscape, and enchanting rural areas amidst cluttered cities are few of its impressive aspects. If you are planning on spending upcoming vacation in Thailand, make sure to try out all below-mentioned activities.


Skydiving can effectually contribute to adrenaline rush, and is ideal for people, who wish to break free from their comfort zone, and participate in something daring. Strap yourself tightly to a professional jump master, take a plunge, and relish a spine tingling adventure.

Eat Bugs

If you are feeling excessively audacious, eat some bugs sold across street stalls. Grasshoppers, giant water insects, crickets, bamboo worms, and silk worms are deep fried, and then served with salt and black pepper. Do not eat one by one but gulp a handful just like munching popcorn in movie theatre.

Indulge in Massage

Thai massages, which stretch entire body along with applying pressure on significant points, have acquired widespread recognition all across globe. This particular experience would rejuvenate your entire spirit, and leave you feeling invigorated as well as balanced. Every town has parlours where prices are low when compared to what you might have paid in your homeland.

Visit Ayutthaya

Declared as a world heritage site by UNESCO in the year 1991, Ayutthaya is certainly worth visiting. A glimpse of destructed historic temples, which somehow still managed to retain their grandeur, will enrich your overall trip. While most tourists do not stay, you can bag astonishingly cheap accommodations here.

Get Tattoo

A larger segment of enthusiasts have etched Sak yant motifs, or geometric designs mixed with Buddhist hymns, on their body, which is the said Southeast Asian nation’s ancient mystical tattooing style. You can do same provided you are not afraid of enduring little pain. From diverse options available, choose licensed and clean tattoo studio Thailand that charges reasonably.

Climb Sathorn Unique Tower

Located right at centre of Bangkok is a gigantic completely abandoned skyscraper called Sathorn Unique Tower. It was built during 90s but because of financial crisis, the establishment was never completed. If you are not faint hearted, try paying a small amount to security guard, and see sprawling views from above forty nine stories.

Dance at Full Moon Party

Celebrated on Koh Phangan every month, Full Moon Party was a former native ritual, which now have transformed into world’s biggest and most stunning raves. You would enjoy dancing to heart-pounding music, drinking different types of alcohol, skipping fire ropes, and applying neon paints all over your body.

Pamper with Fish Spa

One of most exclusive things to do in Thailand is letting your feet be nibbled by several tiny fish. This exceptional soothing activity would remove dead skin cells and impurities when they bathe in a specially fabricated tank.

Although you can surely opt for traveling independently, I personally believe seeking professional assistance to be best. Carry out thorough research, seek specialised recommendations, and schedule appointment with an agency, which has been operating since many years, thus, acquired a more or less credible reputation in market. It must be capable of fabricating affordable itineraries as per varying requirements, and promises to let each client enjoy activities stated above.

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