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Five Daily Workouts To Get A Ballerina’s Body

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The body of a dancer, to the public eye, is a body that is graceful like a swan, swift like a gazelle with the strength, power, and vitality of the fiercest animals in the wild—tumbling, leaping and running across the stage. But, can we achieve this in half the time? —this piece attempts to offer that possibility with these recommended five daily workouts to get a ballerina’s body.

Overview Of Five Daily Workouts To Get A Ballerina’s Body

These workouts are scalable, which means you can modify, rearrange and compress them according to your fitness level, duration of committed hours and flexibility of work schedule.

The order we place these exercises will be based on the general perceived level of difficulty.

All that said, please do not forget to have fun.

Daily Workout #1. Diaphragmatic Breathing (Relaxation Workout)

Many people are not aware that almost all elite athletes know how to breathe naturally and breathe deeply, especially dancers.

You can do this in standing or sitting:

Straighten up your back, don’t hunch over and close your mouth (and if you can, your eyes), letting the tip of your tongue touch the roof of your mouth.

Place your one hand on your chest (right or left) and place the other hand on your abdomen on the area slightly below your navel (right or left).

As you inhale, you feel your abdomen slowly compress inside, sucking in like a vacuum.

As you exhale, you feel your abdomen slowly expand outside, filling like a balloon.

Ideally, you want to do this naturally in your workout and everyday activities.

Daily Workout #2. Joint-Tendon-Muscle Release (Foam Roller Workout)

Aside from breathing, you can use this as a warmup to get your body ready limber and activated, especially if you have low levels of fitness

For that, we recommend you get:
Foam Roller – this is a therapy device used for off-season athletes who need a deeper and more relieving massage to reconfigure the tension of their body as well as their nervous system.

This is quite good once you get used to it but it will hurt very much the first time around.

Daily Workout #3. General Preparedness (Joint and Tendon Workout)

This is a beginner stage and teaches your body movement patterns for higher intensities later on.

Consider these options as an either/or context:

Light impact activities that are joint-friendly like swimming, walking and stretching.

Spiritually inclined and aligned activities like the marital art-based Taichi and the meditation-based Yoga.

Daily Workout #4. Equipment Assistance (Pilates Workouts and Fluidity Workouts)
Using equipment like the Pilates machines and the Fluidity Exercise Bar.

This is an intermediate level of difficulty given that this deals with machine assistance which you can use to build up the condition of the whole body.

Here some key benefits of each:

Pilates Machines– machines encouraged by the military and is useful for military-style calisthenics for strength development.

Fluidity Bar – a modern upgrade and update on the classic balance tool for the ballet dancer and help you adjust the leverage of your body for strength development.

Daily Workout #5. Sports Specific (Ballet and Dance Centered Workout)

This is what dancers use for dance performance preparation and refines arms, core, and legs.

This can be quite strenuous and is best to devote a whole day to this without compressing them into the other workouts.

If you do compress them, give yourself much rest time before moving on to this workout.

Round 1 (Legs)

To help balance, please use a chair. Then stand on your heels touching and with your toes pointing out to a formed 90-degrees angle. Proceed to bend your knees, sinking them down without lifting—gradually rising up back to start position.

Repeat this for a total of 30 times.

Round 2 (Arms)

Using a dumbbell or weighted handle, stand in a lunge position to the side, legs more than a shoulder-width apart—outward pointed toes, bending your knee towards the side and keeping your right leg in a straight position. Then, place the arms right in front of you, with you handing in a slight round position.

Proceed to raise your arms to the side, holding out your right arm parallel to the ground and left will be straight up.

The arms will enter a pose similar to the letter L. Hold this for a while and then return to your base position

Repeat this for a total of 30 times.

Round 3 (Core)

Start by lying on the floor with your arms to the side and your legs are together.

Point the toes—while tightening the abs—and begin to raise your legs straight to the air

Then lift slowly your hips off the ground without undue strain to the neck and shoulders. Hold as long as you can.

Repeat this for a total of 40 times.

You can repeat the exercise as a circuit from rounds 1 to 3 and proceed to do it as you as you are able.

Much Ado

This sums up the five daily workouts to get a ballerina’s body outline—go out and get it!


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Jahmil “Jun” Cabonegro Caon, a freelance writer and fitness enthusiast. He has written numerous articles on a variety of topics on fitness, health and product reviews.Living with his mom rhea and Dad mau.

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