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Benilde alumnae places 2nd and 3rd in June 2019 Interior Design Licensure Examination

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Benilde alumnae places 2nd and 3rd in June 2019 Interior Design Licensure Examination

Interior Design alumnae Noelle Samantha Centeno Bernardo and Kaitlin Almira Uygongco Sy from De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde (DLS-CSB) School of Design and Arts (SDA) placed second and third, respectively, in the June 2019 Interior Designer Licensure Examination as per the results recently released by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC).

Bernardo garnered an 85.60 percent passing rate, followed by Sy with an 82.50 percent passing rate.

Ana Bernadine De Leon Carillo of University of Santo Tomas leads the list with 86.15.

This year, DLS-CSB soared to 64.71 percent over-all performance with 33 passers out of 51 takers as compared to last year’s 45.24 with 19 passers out of 42 examinees.

Fil-Am Golf Invitational Tournament, 70th Edition Will Be Held In Baguio in December 2019

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The schedule has been released for the 70th Fil-Am Invitational Golf Tournament, the premier amateur golf event in the Philippines and one of the longest-running international amateur golf tournaments in the world. The tournament will take place in Baguio, a Philippine destination for all kinds of seasons.

Since its inception as a tournament to celebrate friendly Filipino/American relations in 1949, the Fil-Am Invitational Golf Tournament has drawn participants from all over the world.

It’s a unique, flighted tournament that uses a “Modified Stableford” scoring system to reward risk-taking and birdie-making. Teams of five golfers compete in one of eight possible flights depending on their age (as there are senior and super-senior flights) or handicap. There are separate prizes for team and individual champions, encouraging a great deal of camaraderies
while also emphasizing individual excellence.

The Modified Stableford scoring system awards one point for a bogey, two for a par, three for a birdie, and so on. While a bogey still records a point, the teams who record the most three-point birdies will be the ones hoisting trophies at the awards ceremony. So players are encouraged to aim at the flagstick and try to reach the tough par 5s in two.

Practice rounds for the senior, super senior, and F/G flights begin on Monday, December 1, with the tournament proper running Wednesday the 4th until Monday the 9th. On the 10th, the remaining flights begin their practice rounds, with the tournament ultimately finishing up with an awards night on Wednesday the 18th. Many players especially seniors are practicing with their golf balls to emphasize their strengths and to be ready for this tournament.

The tournament is played on two great golf courses located in the mountaintop resort, the Baguio Country Club and John Hay Golf Club. Built in 1905, Baguio Country Club is the premier private golf destination in the area. The tournament attracts a stunning number of participants, with organizers expecting over 1,300 golfers over the 18 days of tournament play.

Baguio Country Club isn’t just a championship golf course, it also boasts a luxury resort hotel with a bevy of activities offered, such as archery, bowling, swimming, skating, and a place to do some golf workouts. There’s plenty for non-golfers to do if the tournament participants choose to bring their families along. And the views and dining offered at the Baguio Country Club are both world-class.

While it’s officially an invitational tournament, interested players can apply to play by sending a letter of intent to the organizers with information about their 5-6 person teams. Individuals wishing to play can also contact the organizers and ask to be placed on the list to join teams that aren’t able to field enough players.

While it’s officially an invitational tournament, interested players can apply to play by sending a letter of intent to the organizers with information about their 5-6 person teams. Individuals wishing to play can also contact the organizers and ask to be placed on the list to join teams that aren’t able to field enough players.

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This App Makes Parenting Nasty Kids a Whole Lot Easier

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A recent research study of 15- to 24-year-olds from different countries highlighted that cyberbullying, online harassment, and digital violence harm more than 70 percent of youth globally. Among Philippines teenagers, retaliation is found to be the major factor in why they bully other children. Cybersex child trafficking in the Philippines remains prevalent. Startlingly, according to the reports, 80 percent of the victims are minors, and half of them are 12 years old or younger. With all these daunting facts all over the news, everyone wants to ensure the digital safety of their loved ones. This is where mobile monitoring apps come handy.

Xnspy Mobile Monitoring App

Xnspy is a parental monitoring app that you can use to track your kids’ digital activities. Available for Android and iPhones, this app is designed for all the parents who want to take care of their loved ones. Once subscribed, you can pair the app with the target device of your kid that you want to monitor. This mobile monitoring app works in the background of the monitored phone and fetches every possible information. One thing to mention here is that your child’s phone must be connected to the internet for smooth uploading of data. You can access all the information through your Xnspy web account.

In general, Xnspy is the most trusted monitoring app that thousands of users recommend to ensure the digital safety of kids. It offers two subscription packages: Basic and Premium. By opting one of the pricing options (monthly, quarterly, or yearly), you can monitor your kids' calls, messages, and locations. Furthermore, you can track all online and offline activities as well as activities performed in the surrounding of your kid’s device.

Pricing Details

Xnspy Basic

Xnspy Premium

Monthly: $29.99/month

Quarterly: $41.99/quarter

Annually: $59.99/year

Monthly: $35.99/month

Quarterly: $59.99/quarter

Annually: $89.99/year


Android OS 4.X up to 9.X

iOS 6.0 up to 12.3.2

Main Features

Phone calls and messages monitoring

You can monitor call logs (incoming, outgoing, and missed calls) of your teenagers through Xnspy. You can even access the time and date details to know when and with whom your kids have been talking to. Furthermore, you can track all text messages that have been exchanged with any contact. You can even access all the deleted messages as Xnspy mobile monitoring app doesn't miss to record even a single activity. As soon as the device is connected to the internet, all the phone activities are uploaded to your online account. Also, it lets you define specific words to get an instant alert whenever these words are used in message, so that you can take the right action to protect your children before it is too late. Not only this, you can record calls and phone surroundings, too.

Social media monitoring

For the fourth straight year, the Philippines rank first in the list of worldwide social media use. On average, the Philippines spend 9 to 10 hours online daily. 99% of internet users are on at least one type of social media platform, whereas the average worldwide internet penetration is 58%. Filipinos spend an average of 4 hours daily on social media platforms. This is where Xnspy helps parents by enabling them to monitor all social media platforms, including WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook, Line, and many others. You can read all your kids’ chats and access all shared multimedia files through your control panel easily.

Location Tracking

Recently, Philippine authorities have warned parents to be extra vigilant following several cases of child abductions. With the Xnspy mobile monitoring app, you can track the location of your minors on the real-time map with 100% accuracy. You can check where your kids are at a certain time. Besides, you can get a history of all places visited by your kid with address, date, and time details. Xnspy enables you to develop virtual boundaries for your kids to ensure their safety. You can define nearby areas like pubs and discos, and this app sends you an instant alert whenever your kid tries to enter those areas.

Online activities monitoring

Xnspy makes it easy for you to track the online activities of your kids to prevent them from accessing inappropriate content. It lets you know which website your kids visit and how frequently. You can read all sent/received emails and can check browser history.

Multimedia files and calendar entries

This mobile monitoring app gives you access to all photos and videos stored on your minor’s phone. Though your Xnspy control panel, you can even download these multimedia files to your device. You can access their calendar entries and to-do list.

Remote controls

Remote control of the monitored device is one of the amazing features offered by Xnspy. You can lock your teens or preteens’ mobiles or tablets during their homework time or sleep hours to help them maintain better routines. Excessive use of mobile phones is highly associated with several health issues. When you are not around them, you can easily control their devices to help them achieve less tech-dependency. You can even block any app you find inappropriate for them.

Final words

Xnspy is the most reliable mobile monitoring app that gives you detailed insights into your kids' digital activities. You can access their chats, calls, and browsing history and talk to them about your concerns. The discussion should be the first and foremost tool to educate kids about these rising digital threats. You can set rules on their device usage. However, you can use parental controls to protect them from cybercrimes or other health issues if they don’t abide by these rules.

13 Ways to Use Your Laptop/PC in a Effective Way

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Are you bored? Do you own a computer? Problem solved! Your laptop or desktop is the key to days of entertainment!

If for some reason you can’t connect to the internet - maybe you need computer repair, that’s no problem! We have a section on entertaining yourself without the internet.

Play Games Online

Do you need to de-stress from a harrowing day? How about finding some games online? There are a ton of online databases of free games like Addicting Games or PC Gamer. You can try “Role Playing Games” like Minecraft or World of Warcraft too.
Are you the type of person that appreciates “retro?” You can actually find versions of classic arcade games too. You can Google “flash versions of arcade games” and you can find:

Donkey Kong
Ms. Pac-Man
Super Mario Brothers

And more.

Enjoy Internet Media

YouTube. The name says it all. If you’re familiar with this site, you know it has videos of anything and everything you’d like to see, from internet doggos to memes, to history documentaries.

If you can’t conjure up an idea of what you would like to see, you can simply check out YouTube’s most popular channels. You’re bound to find entertainment.

Heck, you can make your own YouTube videos.

Vlog about your day or an interesting experience you had.
Unbox a package you just got.
Perform a funny skit with your friends.
And much more.

You can watch movies online. You can opt to pay for movies from streaming sites like Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime, but you can also check out free streaming sites like MetaCafe, UbuWeb or Vimeo.

If you’re a music lover, you have the world at your fingertips. Listen to music online with apps like Pandora, Spotify or Soundcloud.

Looking for information? Check out a podcast. These are sort of like free radio shows and podcasts cover tons of different topics. You can head to PodBay or a similar site to check out popular podcasts that will stir your imagination and keep you engaged.

Be Random.

If you’re bored, you can visit a website service that will send you to all types of interesting places online.

Checkout stumbleupon, pointless sites, or the useless web.
Get Creative

If you feel your creative juices flowing, there are a variety of online painting and drawing services. You won’t even need to install anything yourself.

Check out:

And more.

Put Your Brain to Work

The internet is so much fun that it’s possible to forget it’s a tremendous resource for learning, and learning is fun!

Head to sites that compile big lists of things you didn’t know you cared about. Buzzfeed is a great site for this, but Upworthy and Slate are worth mentioning too.

Read local news on the internet. Find a local news source and get reading. Don’t be one of those people that knows more about the Kardashians than your own local government!

You can take a free online course to better yourself while you have fun. Google search “free online courses” to find databases of free lessons.

Entertain Yourself Without the Internet

Customize Your Computer

You can customize your computer to express your personality, by setting a desktop picture or more. You can select a screen saver, or change the color theme of your computer.

Clean Things Up

If you haven’t kept your computer organized up until now, this project could keep your occupied for days.

Create folders and put corresponding files in the folders. You can even change the icons on your files if you want to. The best part about your computer is that you can organize it however you want. Just be sure that the new organization will be easier for you to navigate and find files.

After you are done organizing, clean things up. You can defrag your hard drive or delete persistent cookies. You can use programs like CCleaner, which has a handy feature to clean up your registry if you would like to do that too.

Learn to Code

If you have a good book to learn from, learning to write computer programs can be a lot of fun, and you can do this without the internet.

Make Media Offline

You can use photo editing programs to make interesting pictures. Your computer probably comes equipped with one, like Microsoft’s “Paint.”

Consume Media Offline

Do you have a backup hard drive that contains music and video files? Upload them to your computer. You can even just take your favorite DVD and watch it on your computer. If your OS comes with a video editing program, you can edit your videos there offline.

Get Creative

Want to write the great American novel? What’s stopping you? Open up your word processor and get cracking. You can write anything you’d like - fiction, an essay about something you're passionate about, or a memoir.

You can also create a diary on your computer. You don’t have to worry about losing it, and you can put a password on it to protect it, and put it in a place where no one will find it.

Get to Know Your Computer

Are there programs you don’t have any clue about? Maybe you don’t know what they do, or why they’re even on your computer. Take the time to explore it. This program might even help you entertain yourself more.

Do you know if you have a 32-bit or 64-bit operating system? Go ahead and find out! If you’re feeling controlling, you can explore the command prompt and boss your computer around. Just be sure not to run it as root or administrator if you do, otherwise you could damage your device.

Play the Games that Came with Your Computer

Have you ever played Minesweeper? What about Solitaire? These are some games that came with your computer, that can keep your mind working and be addicting.

We hope you have enjoyed our guide to entertaining yourself on your computer, and hey, if you made it to the end of this article, you’ve already occupied yourself for a few minutes. Computers have changed our lives forever, and can be an endless source of entertainment and fun.

Pagsibol 2019: Rekindling the Passion Towards Arts, Culture and Environment

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Let us all celebrate the rich culture of Cavite as we also gather to raise awareness in protecting the changing environment together with different cultural arts and environmental advocate groups!

Astrolikha Inc. aims to open the eyes of the people and for them to make a move to preserve culture and protect the environment. Through #Pagsibol2019, we want to rekindle the people's passion to support local arts and culture, as well as to give new hope to our environment.

Together with our partners — Creative Street, 2030 Youth Force in the Philippines Inc. and Rotaract Club of Metro Poblacion Silang, we made sure to fill the event with Cavite arts and culture forums, environmental talks and discussion, cultural performances and music!

Sponsored by Inbox Food Hub, San Miguel Corporation, Cavite Tourism, Philippine Information Agency, Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) and Ecosystems Research and Development Bureau-DENR.

Join us on August 10, 2019 at Inbox Food Hub, Imus City, Cavite from 9AM-12MN. THIS IS FREE ADMISSION.

See you there!!!

Please fill out the registration form if you're interested:


Fuel Prices Drive Up Fleet Operating Costs

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Fuel prices, mainly diesel and gasoline, have been on the rise over the past several
months of 2019. They have been a major factor that contributes to high fleet
operating costs. This is because fuel costs comprise the biggest portion of fleet
operating expenses.

Factors causing the rise in fuel prices

So, what factors have been making the fuel costs rise? Well, the increase in fuel
prices has been a result of several factors including high customer demand,
sanctions, market uncertainty, and year-over-year reduction in oil inventories.

Another factor that has caused fuel prices to increase in some regions are natural
disasters like hurricanes. For example, fuel consumption went up due to Hurricane
Florence during September 2018, which resulted in catastrophic damage in the
Carolinas. The fleets that were going to help in the recovery mission consumed more
fuel than the expected amounts during the month.

Increases in fuel card fraud, which started to become prominent in 2016, is another
factor that has put upward pressure on fuel prices. Fuel card skimming has become
rampant, especially at fuel stations, and the best way to cope with it is to do
everything possible to prevent it from happening in the first place. Fleet
managements need to stay alert and educate their drivers so that they know of the possible risks and vulnerabilities.

Keeping constant vigilance for anomalies relating to cards is another way to deal with the menace since there is no fail-proof strategy yet to entirely avert fraud, which makes fleets lose millions every year.

Fuel prices influence vehicle selection
As earlier stated, fuel spending accounts for one of the biggest expenses for running
a fleet. As such, a vehicle‘s Miles Per Gallon (mpg) is one of the most critical
considerations in the vehicle selection process. Statistics show that fuel prices have an impact on vehicle acquisition decisions. The market for both new and used vehicles tend to register a reaction and fluctuation in fuel prices. With lower fuel
prices, buyers may consider larger, less fuel-efficient vehicles.

However, the converse is not happening in recent times, and this could be attributed to the fact that the rise in prices has been gradual.

Adoption of alternative fuel options and reducing miles driven

With fuel prices still on an upward trend, it is expected that more fleet managements
will think about alternative fuel options and put more emphasis on cutting down the total miles driven. The success of these strategies will depend on vehicle utilization
analysis, which relies on telematics data and vehicle inventory management.

Speaking of telematics and fleet inventory management, fleet operators can count on
Eyeride experts to help install various devices onto their cars as well as systems like 360-degree cameras, GPS tracking systems, and most importantly, e-logs that can help to monitor drivers’ compliance with various rules and laws.


Fleet managers are looking at possible strategies to reduce fuel consumption as the
prices are expected to continue increasing. Strategies that managers are adopting
include acquiring hybrid and battery-electric vehicles. In addition, as corporate
leaders think about environmental sustainability initiatives, they are encouraging focusing more on acquiring smaller displacement and fuel-efficient engines because fuel efficiency means fewer emissions.

4 Reasons Why the Philippines Is the Most Underrated Travel Destination in Southeast Asia

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Asia is a big hit with tourists. Every kind of traveler can find something they’d love in this huge continent. Southeast Asia, in particular, has a plethora of beautiful beaches, delicious food, and rich ecosystems filled with unique flora and fauna. It’s certainly an appealing travel destination, with hidden gems just waiting to be explored.

Most first-time travelers in Southeast Asia would choose countries like Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, or Vietnam, but it’s also worth considering the Philippines. This archipelago, composed of more than 7,600 islands, is located in the West Pacific Ocean. Surrounded by water, the country has the world’s fifth longest coastline of 36,289 kilometers (22,549 miles). As such, the Philippines has plenty of gorgeous beaches and island destination, including Boracay, Cebu, and Palawan.

However, the Philippines is more than just about beaches and island hopping. In fact, when you look beyond the sparkling waters, you’ll realize that the country is one of Southeast Asia’s more underrated destinations. If you need some more convincing, here are a few reasons to visit the Philippines.

Cheap but Accessible Hotels

If you’re the kind of traveler who doesn’t need five-star accommodations but needs to be in the center of the action, you’re in luck. There are a lot of clean, comfortable, and affordable hotels in and around Metro Manila, and even in the farther provinces. In fact, if you’re planning to stay in Metro Manila and explore the city, you can find plenty of hotels near NAIA Terminal 2, which is where many international flights land. Filipinos are also arguably the most hospitable people in the world, so no matter how small the hotel, you can expect a warm welcome and good service.

Historical and Natural Wonders

The Philippines has a rich history, being a country of mix of native Philippine, Asian, Spanish, and American heritages. In almost every province, you’ll find historical sites and landmarks that have borne witness to the various events that shaped the Philippines’ current cultural landscape. The Philippines is also home to hundreds of indigenous peoples who have been living in the islands even before the Spanish set foot in 1521. Many of them occupy their original ancestral lands, which, in themselves, have become tourist destinations. Just remember to be respectful of the various traditions and local laws when you visit these places.

The Philippines is also a gem if you’re a nature lover. While its location in the Pacific Ring of Fire makes it prone to typhoons and earthquakes, it’s also the reason why the country has a rich biodiversity and varied and abundant natural resources. Lush forests, marine sanctuaries, mountains and rivers, rock formations and cave networks, you can find almost everything in the Philippines. If you want a slice of paradise, visit Batanes in the northernmost part of the country. Filled with sprawling fields of green, stunning beaches, and awe-inspiring views from the hilltops, Batanes is also home to traditional villages and age-old cultures. It’s quite tricky to get to, but once you’re there, you’ll realize that the effort is truly worth it.

Food, Food, Food
Filipino cuisine is as diverse as the nation’s hundreds of ethnic groups, further flavored by the influences of both Western and Asian spheres. Dish complexity range from very simple (fried salted fish) to the intricate (kare-kare and variations of adobo). Regional specialties are common, as are unique delicacies that might make some weaker stomachs turn (balut, anyone?). Many Filipino foods are also cooked with soups like sinigang and bulalo, or with sauces like menudo or pochero.

Going to the Philippines means experiencing this wide variety of dishes. Go beyond adobo, the unofficial national dish. Take a bite of dinuguan, dinakdakan, pinakbet, laing, various pancits (noodles), chicharron, chicken inasal, lechon, estofado, sambal, and many, many, many more. You also have a wide selection of kakanins (desserts and pastries made from sticky rice) and unique desserts like halo-halo, leche flan, buko salad, and “dirty” ice cream or sorbetes. What’s great is that whenever you visit the Philippines, you’re sure to find yet another version of these dishes and desserts for a whole new experience.

English is Common

If you’re an English-speaker, you don’t have to worry about language barriers. A huge majority of Filipinos speak and understand the language. This might not be a deal-breaker for most, but it can certainly make your life easier. From asking for directions to ordering in restaurants, knowing that you’ll be understood can help take a load off your shoulders and help you enjoy your vacation even more.

Of course, reading all about the destination is a lot different than actually going there. So the next time you get some time off, book a flight to Southeast Asia and visit the Philippines. Once you’ve been there, you’ll probably ask yourself why you haven’t gone before or visited more often.

DFA Accepts Postal ID Starting Aug. 01, to Use Online ID Verification System

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The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA), represented by Office of Consular Affairs Asst. Secretary Neil Frank R. Ferrer and Philippine Postal Corporation (PHLPost), represented by Asst. Postmaster General for Marketing & Support Services Luis D. Carlos, signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) that will provide DFA access to the Postal ID Online Verification System (POVS).

The DFA will start accepting PHLPost’s Postal ID as a recognized ID for passport applications on 1 August 2019.

DFA will utilize POVS, a web-based application developed by PHLPost, to verify the authenticity of the Postal ID card presented by a cardholder. POVS is expected to address concerns on the integrity of the card being presented, issues concerning counterfeit cards and the manner of seamlessly verifying and authenticating Postal ID cards.

PHLPost expressed its appreciation to the DFA for including the PHLPost ID in the list of acceptable IDs for passport applications as well as its interest in utilizing POVS for verifying PhlPost IDs.

Emerson Philippines Strengthens Learning Inside Science Explorer Bus

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Students will have a more engaging classroom experience aboard the Science Explorer as Emerson Philippines donated laptops to the Department of Science and Technology-Science Education Institute (DOST-SEI), the agency behind the country’s first mobile science learning facility.

Since its inception in 2010, the Science Explorer bus has served more than 32,000 students from over 100 municipalities all over the country. Inside the mobile lab, top young scientists and engineers teach specialized science and technology modules to elementary and high school students, mostly from public schools in far-flung areas in the Philippines.

This is not the first time Emerson Philippines collaborated with DOST-SEI to bring Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) closer to the youth. In 2017, Emerson Philippines sponsored DOST’SEI’s innovation competition called “imake.wemake: create. innovate. collaborate.” through donating Intel Galileo boards and sets of sensors, which served as main platforms for the student projects.

The two parties inked partnership anew during the festivities of the 2019 National Science and Technology Week on July 17, 2019 at the World Trade Center in Pasay City.

Photo caption:

Emerson Philippines gives DOST-SEI’s Science Explorer a boost by providing laptops for use of students in the mobile learning facility. The signing of the deed of donation was held on July 17, 2019 during the National Science Technology Week celebration at the World Trade Center in Pasay City. In photo are (L-R sitting)Emerson Asia Pacific President / Emerson Philippines General Manager, Mr. Ed Boone, and DOST-SEI Director, Dr. Josette Biyo, with (L-R standing) Emerson Philippines’ Mr. Ruben Cu, event host, Ms. Ganiel Krishnan, and DOST-SEI Deputy Director, Engr. Albert Mariño.

Bluetooth Sport Headphones Having Great Features and Benefits

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There is nothing that gets painful and less pain than ever being able to hear your favorite lyrics on the go. However, traditional headphones can often prove to be massively and even there is nothing to do with the words in your movement. For all sports jurists, there is a very easy selection of Bluetooth headphones. To get you along with some legs and low bits and pieces, you can focus on enjoying your music and paying the most to your exercise. Before purchasing a pair of Bluetooth Sport Headphones there is some helpful tips to bear in mind.

After purchasing a Bluetooth support headphone, you will consider the first thing to sound. Whether you're using your smartphone or your iPad, you must have a great quality of being able to properly enjoy your music. If you are using your phone, you will also want to make sure that the quality is sufficient for easy sync, problem-free sound too.

Need to be make sure while purchasing

To make sure that you have the best sound quality in your purchase, check out the specifications of a product before purchase and if possible, check customer reviews. These two will give you real insight into what kind of experience you can expect.

While purchasing a Bluetooth support headphone, you should calculate another factor as long as you can relax while wearing them. This is a very personal matter, so it asks itself that the type of headphone suits you to the appropriate, comfortable, past. Once you've been armed with this knowledge, you better have to make some choices for you.

Bluetooth game headphones

It is worth mentioning that Bluetooth game headphones come in different types of designs; there is some rubber tip that is in the ear, while some are simply positioned outside the ear. So you are likely to offer it as an individual. To make sure, check carefully any brand return policy before buying, only if their products prove to be false.

After purchasing the Bluetooth game headphones, you'll need to take the device's battery life into account. If you do not have an account yet, register now! I'm sorry to hear from you. Please try again. If you do not have an account yet, register now! I'm sorry to hear from you. Please try again. If you do not have an account yet, register now!

Compatible music and sound

Finally, when you buy your own Bluetooth game headphones, you need to make sure that the devices that you normally listen to the music are compatible with. To try you with hundreds of different and stylish products in the market, do not ignore the information about how to make your headphone and your smartphone or MP3 player model. By going through the above checklist, you can narrow down your search for the best couple of Bluetooth game headphones and avoid getting frustrated in purchasing wrong products. By considering the comfort, sound quality, style and compatibility of the headphone, you have to stay well to choose the best exercise partner.

WebRTC Technology: Advantages in Business Communication

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The revolution of telecommunications has been offering innovative solutions in the management of tof phone calls and new business models.

The management of phone calls, a fundamental aspect for business communication, has seen a great improvement thanks to innovative technologies in the telecommunications field.

The virtual PBX telephone networking system for businesses adapts quickly to the evolution of the Internet. Traditional telephone networking systems are unable to adapt to technological changes compared to newer models.

WebRTC Virtual PBX Phone System

For a few years now, businesses have opted for virtual PBX phone systems. Although all virtual solution systems seem the same, the difference lies in the technology used. It also depends on the Call Center Software used, the simplicity of installation, and the user interface.

Voice over IP is the most used technology used by different virtual PBX phone network providers. Although VoIP is already known to be better than the traditional SIP, it has also improved in recent years by adding WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) technology.

Fonvirtual, a company specialized in cloud communications for businesses, bases its solutions on WebRTC technology. This simplifies corporate telephone management, internal and external calls, and optimizes company resources since no external hardware would need to be purchased. Calls can be made through a call center software through any online web browser.

Therefore, the WebRTC is a great advantage when using a virtual PBX for any company.

The Advantages of WebRTC for Business Communication

Fonvirtual is one of the few companies that offers this technology whose main advantages are reducing installation costs, enjoying the best sound quality that exists in the market, and allowing travel without geographical call restrictions or losing calls.

That's right! WebRTC is characterized by its adaptability and its network quality, which eliminates the usual cuts and echoes of calls. It is perfect to call from anywhere in the world and to any destination. The voice that is transmitted over the internet has no additional cost for long distance calls.

In addition, it offers great advantages for business who use it, such as making and receiving calls from a computer or smartphone, no matter where you are. In addition, you can alternate from one device to another, depending on your needs.

Developed by Google, this technology works with any web browser, as long as you are connected through data or Wi-Fi. It does not require any other additional hardware or software downloads, which reduces costs in new equipment. There is no need for physical  IP telephones or installation. Also, because it is hosted in the cloud, the configuration and maintenance will be done all online without additional costs.

Features of the WebRTC Virtual PBX

Companies invest more and more in solutions that reinforce their company image. Their image is determined by the customer service that is provided. This can be determined by the quality of the customer service calls. A WebRTC virtual PBX can increase the quality of customer communications.

But in addition to all of this, what additional features does this virtual switchboard have? The virtual PBX provided by Fonvirtual allows you to enjoy added features such as option menus, custom main greetings, queue management for when customers are on hold, call recording, etc.

In the same way, you can establish the order of prefered agents who receive calls, depending on their qualification or experience. In addition, internal calls and the transfer of calls between agents are also completely free.

You can adapt the virtual PBX to according to your office hours, as well as different greetings depending on whether the call was made during after hours.

A virtual PBX combined with WebRTC technology improves the performance of business communication, offering a high quality customer service.

UE Prof-Filmmaker Bags Gawad Dr. Pio Valenzuela

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University of the East College of Fine Arts, Architecture and Design professor and filmmaker Richard Soriano Legaspi was recently awarded the Gawad Dr. Pio Valenzuela for film by the City Government of Valenzuela in commemoration of its local hero’s 150th birth anniversary.

The award is the highest and most prestigious recognition conferred by the local government to Valenzuela City residents who have excelled in their respective fields, made significant contributions to the welfare of the city and lived true to the values of the late Dr. Valenzuela.

Legaspi completed his Bachelor of Fine Arts major in Advertising Arts at UE Caloocan. He is a two-time Gawad CCP awardee, recipient of the Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature in 2012 for his screenplay “Primera Bella,” Cinemalaya winner for his short film “Manenaya,” recipient of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts grant in 2009 (“Kinulayang Kiti”) and 2012 (“Pipo”), and Cinema One Originals winner for “Paano Ko Sasabihin?” in 2009, among others.

He is a graduate of Ricky Lee’s 14th scriptwriting workshop, directing fellow at the Asian Film Academy in Busan, South Korea, and recipient of the UNESCO Laureate artist recognition in 2013, eventually becoming a resident artist of the Università delle Idee in Italy. 

Legaspi was also invited by the Taoyuan Cultural Department in Taiwan to Sianguang 2nd Village to work on his socially engaged art projects.

He won the Silver Prize for moving images at the International Photography Awards in 2017 and was honored by the Film Development Council of the Philippines on the same year as one of its Film Ambassadors for winning in Kingston, Jamaica.

Legaspi, who hails from Barangay Maysan, acknowledged the big role played by the city in his works. “Halos lahat ng munting pelikula ko at iba pang mga likhang-sining ay bunga ng mga kuwento mula sa mga pabrika, mga pamahiin, pagtakbo sa sementeryo dahil may shooting, panghuhuli ng tilapia sa Tagalag, pagtawid-sakay ng bangka mula Arkong Bato hanggang Isla, pamimitas ng makopa sa Mabolo, panghuhuli ng isdang kataba, tagu-taguan sa Paransilyo at praktis ng dula-dulaan sa Poblacion,” the proud Valenzuelano said in his acceptance speech.

The other awardees are ABS-CBN News Channel (ANC) political correspondent Christian Esguerra (journalism), Our Lady of Fatima University and Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities president Dr. Caroline Marian Enriquez (education), De La Salle University-Manila Filipino Department chair Dr. Ernesto Carandang II (literature), One Valenzuela blogger Rochelle Silverio (social media), Department of Education Undersecretary for Finance Annalyn Sevilla (government service), and Dr. Elpidio Serapio (community service), posthumous.

The 2019 Gawad Dr. Pio Valenzuela search committee is composed of historian Ambeth Ocampo as chair and Atty. Arnel Banas, Senate Deputy Secretary General for Administration and Finance; Dr. Nedy Torralba, president of Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Valenzuela; Dr. Benjie Samson, Deped Valenzuela assistant superintendent; Ateneo School of Government Prof. Edgardo T. Valenzuela, Valenzuela City cultural officer Jonathan Balsamo, curator Michael King Urieta, and Atty. Librado Valenzuela, president of Museo Valenzuela Foundation, as members.

Monday, July 22, 2019

Dissimilarities Between Digital Advertising and Marketing & Social Media

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Normally whenever we talk about internet sites we make reference to platforms such as for example Facebook, and when discussing social media marketing, we make reference to a more sophisticated concept, which include dialogue, interactions, websites, metrics, etc. 

As soon as this other distinction is made, we could go back to the distinction between Digital Advertising and marketing and social media marketing. The main variation is that social media marketing is section of Digital Marketing. 

Lots of people think that by getting involved with internet sites or social media marketing they are currently doing Digital Marketing and advertising, but this isn't 100% real since there are many elements that define a Digital Advertising campaign.

What's Digital Marketing?

We could specify it as a strategy to create understanding and promote a brand name or product through the use of all available electronic digital channels. Its primary components happen to be:


SEM (SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING TECHNIQUES), which include SEO (SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING) and PPC specialist. For all these services you can contact to market your website online.

Smart Phones
Mobile marketplaces (Google Play, Apple company Retailer, etc.)
Email Marketing

Digital programs without Web:

SMS messages
Digital signage (inside and out-of-doors)
Social Media can be an important section of Digital Marketing.

What is social media marketing?

The words social media marketing have been probably the most talked about in the wonderful world of Digital Marketing lately. The accomplishment of the brand new generation of social media marketing platforms, generally Facebook and Tweets, has revolutionized how we interact, socialize, purchase and has furthermore provided Digital Advertising and marketing with new stations. 

Social Media may be the term we make use of to spell it out the systems that unite individuals in the change of information. Typically the most popular social media websites happen to be: Facebook, Twitter, Search engines+, Pinterest, Tumblr, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon and YouTube. 

The social media takes benefit of internet sites for marketing connection purposes through several tools. Every social media marketing network has group of different tools you can use by men and women and businesses to benefit from them from the idea of look at of marketing. 

For instance, Facebook has admirer pages (Admirer Webpages) that let companies or manufacturers to connect to individuals through them. Exactly the same applies to LinkedIn and its own corporate web pages or Google+ web pages.

Overall, social media is the usage of social networks within the marketing device of an organization or business.

Which are the main differences?

The Goal

While social media is simply employing social networks within the communication of corporations, content marketing is in charge of developing content that basically catches the eye of people.

The implies used

Marketing in internet sites is about using internet sites, while in information marketing, various factors such as sites, videos, pictures, etc. are linked.

The planning

Marketing in internet sites can be slightly simple; you merely need to review where the market is (although some don't) and open a merchant account on that social networking. 

In content advertising, it really is about analyzing the general public, understanding what it really is that you want to consume, and moving on to generate and share perfect content with the proper tools.

PBEX 2019: 10 Years of Growing Your Business More!

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Join the first and the premier SME Expo in the country, the 10th Philippine Business and Entrepreneurs Expo set this August 30 – September 1, 2019, at Megatrade Hall 2, 5th Floor Mega B, SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City.

The event is for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) who are looking for new business partners and dealers.

Contribution of SMEs in the Philippines
According to the Philippines Statistics Authority (PSA) in 2017, they have recorded a total of 924,721 business enterprises operating in the Philippines.

Micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) account for 99.56% (920,677) of the total establishments, of which 89.59% (828,436) were microenterprises, 9.56% (88,412) were small enterprises, and 0.41% (3,829) were medium enterprises. Large enterprises made up the remaining 0.44% (4,044).

In addition, PSA also cited that the top five (5) industries in terms of the number of MSMEs in 2017 are coming from: Wholesale and Retail Trade; Repair of Motor Vehicles and Motorcycles with 423,637 establishments; Accommodation and Food Service Activities with 121,740; Manufacturing with 116,071 establishments; Other Service Activities with 57,491 establishments; and Financial and Insurance Activities with 41,012 establishments.

These industries accounted for about 82.54% of the total number of MSME establishments.

PSA discovered that MSMEs generated a total of 4,922,251 jobs in 2017 versus 2,909,838 for the large enterprises. This indicates that MSMEs contributed almost 62.9% of the total jobs generated by all types of business establishments that year. Of these, 30.3% or 2,369,748 jobs were generated by micro-enterprises; 25.9% or 2,024,470 by small enterprises; and 6.7% or 528,033 by medium enterprises.

Why Visit the 10th PBEX 2019?

The event generates 10,000 visitors coming from different parts of Metro Manila, Rizal Provinces and Luzon. These visitors can select from over 200 companies offering different business opportunities. Several partners associations are conducting different business conferences and learning activities inside the three-day event.
The focus of the conferences and learning events are success stories, best practices, and trends that will aid aspiring and existing business owners in growing and expanding their business.

Among the categories that will be showcased in the events are health and beauty, food franchise and dealership, technology, bank, and finance, and transportation.

The 10th Philippine Business and Entrepreneurs Expo is an important event for MSMEs in the country. For years, MSMEs benefitted from the event by getting (1) more business partners, (2) strong engagement from the target market, and (3) additional learnings and insights from other successful companies.

10th PBEX 2019 Activities

Day 1: Implanting ways to communicate and support businesses

Opening the 10th Philippine Business and Entrepreneurs’ Expo on Friday (August 30, 2019) is the Online Influencers Forum at 10:00 am, which gathers together businesses and digital storytellers – content creators ranging from bloggers, vloggers, and social media personalities – to learn how business can adapt the way they communicate with their customers and how content creators can convey the messages businesses want to convey to their customer base.

To follow the Opening Ceremony set at 1:00 pm is the Business Financing & Security Summit from 3:00 pm to 7:00pm, where financial institutions teach businesses the ways of extending their finances to expand their enterprises.

Day 2: Recognizing civic organizations and exemplary businesses

Day 2 (Saturday, August 31, 2019) will be opened with a Rotary Community Corps Convention at 10:00 am wherein livelihood businesses supported by the clubs of Rotary International District 3800 meet and discuss how they can make themselves more efficient and sustainable. This will be followed by a special program led by host club Rotary Club of Mutya ng Pasig from 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm.

This year’s SME Idols will be recognized in the awarding ceremony set at 6:00 pm onwards. SME Idols honor SME excellence in different categories.

Day 3: Expanding Business Knowledge

The third day (Sunday, September 01, 2019) is dedicated to developing business acumen as livelihood workshops supported by CDO (starting at 10:00 am) and BizDev Forum (starting at 2:00 pm) fill visitors with knowledge that they can apply to expand their business.

The BizDev Forum has invited RJ Ledesma of Mercato Centrale, Butz Bartolome of GMB Franchise Developers, Ray Anthony Rosales of ROSSA, HROD Consultant Candy Mauricio and Jorge Wienike of Tokyo Tempura to share their lessons on finding niche markets, franchising, market understanding, workplace well-being, and surviving entrepreneurship.

Ten years of expanding and growing businesses

The 10th Philippine Businesses and Entrepreneurs’ Expo continues to motivate people to Start running their own businesses, Expand their knowledge in running it, and Connect with like-minded individuals and organizations who can help them level up.

Growing businesses is always at the heart of PBEX, and everyone is encouraged to visit and celebrate this milestone event.
This event is sponsored by CDO, Brother Philippines, Citibank, Malungai LifeOil and SKYBIZ; and is supported by Ka-Entrep, The Pasig City Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc., Rotary International District 3800 (Zone 6 – Pasig), Rotary Club of Mutya ng Pasig, Inner Wheel Club of Antipolo Central, Philippine Marketing Association, Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Department of Trade and Industry.

For partnerships, call tel. no. 633-0153, SMS 0920 924 2532 / 0920 981 4376 or email (Program subject to change without prior notice)

First Three Artworks of the 2018 CCP Thirteen Artist Awards Exhibit Revealed

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For the first time in the history of the prestigious Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) Thirteen Artist Awards (TAA), the works of the recognized creators will be exhibited outside the halls of the CCP and find home at the School of Design and Arts (SDA) Campus of the De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde (DLS-CSB).

The first wave of a series of installations of the much-awaited 2018 CCP Thirteen Artists Awards at Benilde was finally revealed by co-curators Center for Campus Art (CCA) Director Architect Gerry Torres and 2000 Thirteen Artist Awardee Karen Ocampo Flores.

The pioneer project is in collaboration with the CCA, which gave artistic freedom to the winners to illustrate their advocacies walls and barriers, to transform them into public attractions that demanded both attention and action.

Bakwit by Archie Oclos found its solace on the exteriors of the College’s 14-floor building along the narrow Dominga Street. Standing at almost 70 meters tall, the head-turning artwork’s rich blend of vibrant colors highlighted the socio-political issue and concern of the indigenous people in the country. Bakwit, which is a twist on the English word evacuate, narrates the story of the Lumad students who, due to militarization, are forced to leave their schools and their communities to escape to the lowlands by foot.

The mural was finished in 24 days and depicted an image of a travelling child carrying his younger brother, a stack of supplies, and a book. Inspired by his own immersion with the tribes, Oclos promised the bakwit children that he will impart their plight and hardships. Apart from the TAA, Oclos made it to the reputable Forbes 30 Under 30 list in 2017.

Hindi Totoo by Rasel Trinidad – also known for his street name Doktor Karayom – is a vibrant floor-to-ceiling mural that enveloped the fourth floor fire exit area at the heart of the SDA Campus. The brush strokes in Doktor Karayom’s signature red immortalized the peculiar and macabre creatures and imagined demons from the classic Filipino mythology.

With the power of horror as his tool, the engrossing artwork tackled a myriad of issues that aimed to reconnect the values of the lost tradition to the present society. It explored the nature of fear and its power as an element that can both divide and unite people through shared roots in oral history. While the artwork showcased lurking grotesque monsters, it also questioned the varying aspects in life that should really be the subjects of fear. Prior to the TAA, Trinidad held a one-man sculpture exhibit at the CCP entitled Linya and was also recognized with an Ateneo Art Award for his visual arts.

Dead Masks by Zeus Bascon exhibited four serpents crawling and writhing on the white walls at the Fifth Floor Theater Lobby. They were shaped using an amalgamation of lined masks, which are considered as the very symbol of theater. At a closer look, however, the artist veered away from the classic drama and tragedy as the headgear depicted the infiniteness or non-existence of emotion.

Collectively, the artwork speaks of the binary oppositions – the duality of snakes being revered and dreaded at the same time. It is likewise a reference to the seamless incorporation of paints and tarpaulins, which are both considered as forgotten materials and assigned markers of passage or standpoints to the meeting of ends. Before winning the TAA, Bascon has had nine solo exhibitions in major venues such as the Metropolitan Museum of Manila, the Vargas Museum and Vinyl on Vinyl. He was lauded with the 2010 Alcala Prize Honorable Mention from the Philippine Board on Books for Young People.

More forthcoming installments of the TAA recipients will include dancer Eisa Jocson, photographer Carlo Gabuco, performance artist Bea Camacho, filmmaker Shireen Seno, and intermedia artists Cian Dayrit, Janos Dela Cruz, Dina Gadia, Guerrero Habulan, Raffy Napay, and Lynyrd Paras.

All the artworks will be on view throughout the year and until the end of 2021.

The CCP Thirteen Artists Awards recognizes the country’s most notable young artists whose body of work was “characterized by artistic integrity, innovativeness, cogency of ideas, sustained artistic activity and responsiveness to contemporary realities.”

Stand Out: Refining Marketing Competency

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Truth has been told; a lasting impression had been unlocked. The Annual Governor's Forum entitled, "Stand Out: Refining Marketing Competency" is just around the corner, indulge with us as we instill exceptional prowess.

Happening this 28th of July from 5 PM - 10 PM at the One Corporate Centre, Ortigas, Pasig City!

The time has come, aspire to be authentic and step up your game!

For inquiries, please contact Eunice L. Valdez at 0945 129 6028 or email her at


MSHS Alumni Foundation holds 19th MaSci Medics

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The Manila Science High School Alumni Foundation, Inc. recently conducted its 19th annual medical mission for the benefit of former and current teaching and non-teaching staff at the MSHS Barotilla Hall.

MaSci Medics, which also distributed free medicines courtesy of Unilab Foundation, was supported by alumni from the medical field and other volunteers.

Dr. Regina M. Bartolome (Batch 1980) of the Manila Health Department spearheads the medical mission every year as one of the foundation’s pet projects.

MSHS Batch 1994 physician coordinator Dr. Kristine Karen Estacio-Hawak and Marjorie Andres, nurse and unit manager at the Philippine Heart Center, signed up for MaSci Medics together with batchmates Dr. Maria Margarita Balabagno, Dr. Lian Jamisola and Dr. Gerto Quevedo.

“I have always looked up to educators as they selflessly impart their knowledge to their students. I volunteered for the MaSci Medics to extend my sincerest gratitude and be of service to my mentors and MaSci friends. After 25 years, I felt excited and great to be back in MaSci,” Dr. Estacio-Hawak revealed.

Meanwhile, Dr. Jamisola disclosed that she volunteered because she wants to give back to MaSci in whatever way she can. “I owe MaSci a lot – what I am now and the family that I have. It was pure happiness and nostalgia being back in MaSci after 25 years. Seeing old teachers and bonding with batchmates was super worth taking the day off from work.” She is married to batchmate Geronimo Jamisola.

The medical professionals from Batch 1994 got ample support from their other batchmates, particularly members of the alumni homecoming organizers and the XC4 Bomba basketball team. Ma. Cheryl F. Prudente and Faustina Margarita Molina Viriña of Batch 1979 also volunteered for the med mission.

Aside from MaSci Medics, the MSHS Alumni Foundation also offers scholarships to indigent students and works on a rainwater harvesting project to help the school conserve water, among others.

The silver jubilarians, in coordination with the foundation, are also in the thick of preparations for the alumni homecoming on October 12 and educational tour/field trip and alternative classroom learning experience for students.

The MSHSAF Board of Trustees is made up of Ronald Allan F. Gonzales (Batch 1987), president; Ambrosio L. Berdijo, Jr. (Batch 1982), vice president; Norlie H. Quesada (Batch 1981), secretary; Conrad Tolentino (Batch 1987), assistant secretary; Luz L. Lorenzo (Batch 1977), treasurer; Maria Lourdes L. Lorenzo (Batch 1976), asst. treasurer; Dr. Bartolome, auditor; Amor Noble-Roque (Batch 1969), Virgilio A. Aquino (Batch 1972), Luningning Guinto-Ato (Batch 1992), Virna Liza Dela Cruz-Balite (Batch 1990), Erwin Manuel C. Perez (Batch 1993), Cyrus B. Mendoza and Seymour B. Sanchez (Batch 1994).
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