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6 Small Space Decorating Ideas To Steal

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With the property market certainly booming in Dubai and with new projects by Meraas popping up, there are certainly many options to choose from. With so many gorgeously decorated apartments for sale in Citywalk, you’ll want your apartment to stand out too.

Here are six small space decorating ideas to help your home stand out from the rest:

1: Utilize The Space Under the Staircase

The space under the stairs is often times one of the most neglected spaces in a home. Depending on the space that you have to your disposable, you can transform it into a bookshelf or even a small office.

2: Suspend Curtains and Shades As High As Possible

This is an easy and cheap designer trick. If you want to make your ceiling look higher and by extension, to make your small space appear larger, opt to hang your curtains as high and as wide as possible. That way, the window itself will also appear much wider than it actually is.

3: Utilize Smart and Versatile Furniture Pieces

Smart furniture not only adds more functionality to your space but it can also add a level of decoration to a room. Opt for pieces which have more than one purpose. Ideally, these pieces should work for you rather than just taking up space.

4: Use A Loveseat Instead of a Large Sofa

Sometimes, a three seater sofa isn’t absolutely necessary especially if you’re low on space. Opt for a loveseat which comfortably seats two persons. Not only will it save space, but will also act as a statement piece in any room.

5: Throw Away Your Extra Chairs and Make Use Of Built-In Seating

Extra storage is also necessary in order to keep most of the clutter at bay. Therefore, rid your space of extra chairs that just add to the clutter and utilize thoughtful built-in seating which adds another dimension to your space.

6: Utilize Expandable Racks

Be sure not to centre your attention on spaces such as the living area and the bedroom. Laundry area and kitchens also need attention too. Use expandable racks and shelves for added storage and organization.

Having a tiny apartment doesn’t mean that you have to compromise a stylish d├ęcor for space and functionality. Yes, you can have the best of both worlds and have a small dwelling that is comfortable and most importantly, one that suits your tastes. After all, with the numerous gorgeous studios and apartments for sale in Citywalk Dubai, you can certainly find ways to maximize your dwelling too.

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