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Understanding Sleep Disorder and How To Save Big On Medicines

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Various study reports have estimated the total expenditure for insomnia in the United States can range from $35 billion per year to $107 billion per year. The costs are inclusive of the direct treatment expenditure that consists of physician visitation and prescriptions and the associated and indirect costs like the utilization of medical services, increased accident risk, and a loss of workplace productivity.

Understanding sleep disorders

In this era of increasing communication, information and scrutiny, the sleep medicine centers and networks, the different businesses in the sleep medicine R&D as well the patient himself must know the costs of insomnia. However, patients can now rest easy because, through the Prescription Discount Program presented by Pharma Quotes. Here, they now have the option to save up to 75% on various generic and branded drugs including sleep disorder prescription drugs.

There are various forms of sleep disorders;

(i) Narcolepsy

(ii) Sleep-apneas

(iii) Circadian rhythm disorders; delayed sleep phase

(iv) Restless legs syndrome and other insomnia related movement disorders

(v) Para-somnias also known as night terrors

Around 25-30% of the American population suffers from insomnia according to the National Institutes of Health, USA. All over around the world there has been a growing trend of people suffering from various sleep disorders and has been officially classed as a mental health disorder. It is quite a shocking fact that sleep disorder is now twice as common in occurrence as clinical depression or anxiety.

Chronic insomnia is most common in adults, and the condition usually worsens with passing age. It is sad but true the fact that a patient who has insomnia suffers a higher rate of medical morbidity as well as psychiatric morbidity. What adds on to the worsening quality of life for the patient is usually the financial burden of such a vexing disorder. 

The symptoms

· difficulty in falling and staying asleep

· daytime fatigue

· irritability and anxiety

· lack of concentration

· depression

Diagnosing Sleep Disorders

The specialist will perform specific tests including:

· polysomnography to evaluate oxygen levels, body movements, and brain waves

· electroencephalogram to assesses electrical activity in the brain and detection of potential problems

· genetic blood testing for the diagnosis of narcolepsy

The treatment

The treatment generally consists of a combination of prescription drugs and lifestyle changes.

Medical Treatments

· sleeping pills

· melatonin supplements

· cold medication

· breathing device or surgical procedures (in the case of sleep apnea)

· a dental guard (in case of teeth grinding)

Lifestyle Changes

These include,

· increased intake of vegetables and fish in the diet; reducing sugar intake

· reducing levels of stress through exercises

· a regular sleeping schedule

· low water consumption before bedtime

· limiting the caffeine intake

· decreased tobacco and alcohol use

Having a good sleeping habit, going to bed and waking up at regular times is the only way to cope with sleeping disorders. Practicing a healthy lifestyle along with the prescription medications will help you sleep better and supply the much-needed drive and energy to tackle the problems of life.

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  1. Healthy sleep is very useful for a person as a whole for both mental and physical health. And if you have a hard look on this article you`ll see how to avoid such problems as stress, insomnia and depression which can prevent you with fall asleep.


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