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How To Prepare Your Skin Before Waxing

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Waxing is the most common hair removal procedure that woman follow to get rid of unwanted hair from their body. It is a ritual that women usually go through almost every month and while some months may seem easier than the others, it is always a little painful and you need to take out enough time to get it done. If you have been wondering what you are doing wrong before your waxing procedure then here are a few key tricks that you should know so you can stay prepared for the next waxing appointment that you have booked.


Exfoliation helps to open up all the dead skin cells and takes out all the unwanted dead skin cells that are settled on your skin. This ensures that only your hair is remaining on the skin and it makes it a lot easier for the waxing process to be completed. Exfoliation also helps to take out all the excess oil that your body secretes and this ensures that it is smoother and more comfortable for the professional to wax on. Many people suffer from in growth and oily skin and this could create problems during the waxing procedure which is why it is recommended that you exfoliate just the night before.

Don't Moisturize

Although many people believe that if we apply moisturizer and then go for a waxing session it will be easier for the process to get completed and the hair will come out smoothly, the truth is that the oiliness in a moisturizer makes it difficult for the wax to hold onto the hair on your body and this could take longer for the hair to come off. If you want your waxing process to be as smooth as possible try to stay away from the moisturizer because the greasiness of the moisturizer will make it difficult to wax and it will take longer for the procedure to be completed which will end up being more painful. When you exfoliate your skin just make sure that you wear a cool cotton cloth and head out to the salon to get waxed. 

Make Sure Your Hair Is Long Enough

When you have very short hair growing on your hands and legs it is impossible for the wax to hold onto the hair or take it off. If you desperately need to get rid of really short hair on your body you might want to consider using a good quality epilator which will help to target even the shortest hair on your body and get rid of it. However, if you want to stick to waxing then you need to wait for the hair to be at least quarter of an inch so that the wax can hold on to it and pull it out right from the root.

Don't Go Out In The Sun

One of the worst things that you could do would be to go out in the sun and head straight to the salon. The rays of the sun make your skin very sensitive and when you start to wax on skin that was directly exposed to the sun it could create a burning sensation that will make it difficult for you to go through the process. Your skin becomes very sensitive in the sun and since you won't be using any moisturizer or any other cream, make sure that you stay as far away from the sun as possible. It is always better to choose a waxing appointment either early in the morning or once the sun has set.

Choose The Right Wax

If you have sensitive skin then you might want to try out the new chocolate wax that is safer and more effective on your skin rather than the regular wax. Wax beads work really well and they are very good for sensitive skin.

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