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4 Reasons Why You Must Have a Travel Pillow

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If you’re not the kind of person who can afford flying first-class wherever you go, I recommend coming to the airport prepared. In my book, this includes a travel pillow and an eye mask, but I find the pillow a lot more important (see below why).

#1: Comfort, Comfort, Comfort

You don’t need to be a spoiled princess to own a comfortable travel pillow – you just need to travel often enough that your neck starts to hurt from the uncomfortable chairs and weird snoozing. Regardless of the fact that you travel by plane, boat, or bus, you are forced to occupy the confining space of your seat for the entire duration of the trip.

While I am a small person, and this gives me some room to move in the seat, my neck still has to suffer. I used to get out of the transportation vehicle with a stiff neck and back pain which took about two or three days to go away. This is definitely not my idea of fun!

So, I recommend a travel pillow to anyone who wants the slightest bit of extra comfort while traveling. Even more, buying one that is snug and wraps around your body is a fantastic idea!

#2: No Extra Wrinkles

I know that traveling has a permanent effect on my body and skin. I see it happen, as jetlag whoops me into chronic fatigue for days on end, and when I catch my face in the mirror. However, this is a risk I must take since this is what I love doing. But, I will not take any risks I can avoid, such as getting more lines on my face (than necessary).

Having a travel pillow allowed me to keep my face away from seat covers, blouses, or other materials my head may fall over.

#3: You Can Have Your Pick

The thing I like about these products is the wide and varied offer. Nowadays, there are inflatable pillows, memory foam designs, with a hood attached, pillows that have an inner structure, and more.

I started with an inflatable one because it was cheap and only took little space in my travel bag. However, the material on the side that touched my neck and face started wearing down after a while, so I had to give it up.

The second type of pillow I love is the memory foam design. True, it takes a lot more space, but it is so much more comfortable! The material changes position as you change position and creates the ideal shape for your needs. Sure, you’ll get a little bit hot, but it is worth it!

Finally, the one I have now is like a scarf with an inner structure that can be fixated on your neck. So, the structure supports your head while the material keeps your neck warm and cozy. Honestly, I like this one the best because it’s small and customizable.

#4: Extremely Useful

Like most of the new travelers, I was a skeptic at first. What, that tiny thing will help me feel better? No way! But, as I started using them, I learned their true usefulness and now I don’t leave home without one. Even more, they’re not expensive, they’re almost everywhere, and they’ll change your life as a traveler forever!

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