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Enjoy Every Moment of Life Without Losing Your True Self

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Life is short, time is fast. No replay. No rewind. – Unknown

Might be you have planned your retirement at the age of forty or somewhere near around that but we’re asking just a simple question from you if you are so sure about your age of forty then why you have bought an accidental life insurance? You might have planned a long list of adventures which you will enjoy after achieving that milestone but during the whole of this process, you have forgotten to feel the happiness of each moment.

Everyone says live each day of your life as it’s the last. But no one is going to share with you how? But don’t worry here we are going to share it.

To enjoy each and every moment of your life you must try to understand that happiness is not something that comes from the outside world, it is something which emerges from your soul, from your inner side. So the very first step is to feel the happiness in the inner world of yours. To feel the inner happiness, you must have to reconnect with yourself and for this, you must spare some time for you in the entire day which is known as the ‘me time’. You may spend this time in a garden, a short walk, on the roof of your house or somewhere else. Now the very first question that must be ignited in your mind is, what to do during this ‘me time’? We are going to share with you a number of things that you will find out that you should spare the entire day for yourself.

Some of the activities you must do in your me time are:

1.Meditate even just for the five minutes only but you must calm down your mind and thoughts at least once a day. If you do not know how to meditate then just close your eyes and have some deep breaths. Try to control your mind to get distracted and control your thoughts.

2.See good in everything happened with you. Have a feeling of the blessing even for the little things in your life. Feel blessed for having some great friends, having a child, the recent success, for your health and many other tiny things happening to you.

3.Write something positive each day even it is of 40-50 words. You may write down a small moment of your day like exchanging a smile with your co-worker, for being greeted by an unknown person or something like this. It will make you feel very content. Try to write down this right before your bed and see the magic of this with a peaceful sleep.

4.Forgive everyone at the end of the day. One of the greatest author Norman Vincent Peale wrote in his bestselling book The power of positive thinking pray for the best even for the persons who have not treated you well during the day or in your life. Carrying hatred for anyone is going to harm you itself.

5. The author of another bestselling book Who will cry when you die, Robin Sharma wrote: every day be nice to a stranger. This stranger may be the liftman of your apartment/ office, the watchman or your co-passenger. You cannot imagine, the inner happiness you will get by treating the strangers in this way. You can make their day and yours also.

These are some of the small moments which gives you inner happiness and will help you to enjoy every moment of your life without losing your true self. Preserve your identity during this entire journey and always carry a meek smile on your face because these little moments are not little at all. The more you will start enjoying these small moments, the more inner happiness will start to follow your soul, the happy soul!

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