Friday, May 25, 2018

We Hate to Brag, But Online is the NOW and the FUTURE!

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Warning: "Yabang" mode in 1, 2, 3 ... and GO!

The blessings keep pouring in.

It's a daily scenario, but this morning is uncanny as we were swamped. Most of our emails were all about offers for paid article and link collaborations for Wazzup Pilipinas.

We basically charge a standard rate of $50 per article or link collaboration, and double ($100) if we are to write the article on our own.

Yes, we are like Chinese, we charge a small fee but our customers are plenty. We know many would charge higher than Mt. Everest, but we are modest enough to realize we are not full-pledged "influencers" influential enough to motivate people with just one tweet, or post, or whatever thingy that leads to a viral or trending fad. Sorry, but we're not showbiz material....or should we say, we don't run a "call center" campaign....We prefer to be real and organic, and focus only on our preferred target markets. The rest are just on a window-shopping spree....hehehe!

But one of the highest we got is $200 from a very generous client. Foreigners know the value of online presence, and unlike in our country, they may haggle but offer a fair price....and don't just give out a mug, or a notebook or a shirt to show their appreciation.

Many are repeat clients who already sent more than a dozen so far...we actually lost count already. Just as how we lost count of awards..Lol!

Seriously, online rules! For a couple of minutes of work, we get paid a significant amount already. Attendance to events usually requires us to spend more than what we bring home, but the real worth is gaining the holistic experience from the personal encounters. There are so much to learn and gain out there that we won't get from a press release sent to our email.

Like many are saying, to be invited to an event is already an honor. The freebies, perks, privileges, etc, that we get are merely bonuses. If you'll look in my room, half of it is already a collection of boxes containing what we got from our 5 years of existence. The only stuff we touch are the perishables and those that expire like food, and many go to charity, or to less fortunate folks we meet in the streets.

Our attendance at events are merely for our "entertainment" because we love persuading people do the iconic Wazzup Pilipinas shout-out, and find pleasure seeing others get owned by our aggressiveness or "ka-bibo-han"! Lol!

Of course that is a joke, what we love most is learning new stuff and sharing them to our readers. We're genuinely attracted to what we can learn from the event, new acquaintances for potential partnerships, etc, but more on what we could do for the brand or company.

Yup! Our craving for knowledge remains at a high because there is so much information out there that is ever growing at a "hyperspeedy" rate that we can't possibly catch up with this "undepleteable" phenomenon brought about by the influence of social media powered by the vast and global network of computers (which includes mobile phones) we call the Internet....let's just call it "online."

Thank you "mobile" and "online" for revolutionizing media. Traditional media may not want to admit they're going extinct like dinosaurs, but then you see them incorporating online strategies and investing more on related moves. Facebook Live coverage, hiring peole for social media and online content, YouTube talents, etc,. Evolving? No, they've gone online too before they are declared dead.

Online is the NOW and the FUTURE. Almost all the information we need is accessible through our mobile phones that could access the Internet.

We are glad we are among the pioneers that have already made a mark....and will continue to become prominent for generations to come.

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