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3 Key Benefits Of Using Instagram Stories For Online Businesses

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For online marketers and entrepreneurs operating small businesses having a viable profile on Instagram is a necessity rather than a luxury. The popularity of this social media networking channel in recent years is encouraging businesses of various classes to use it as an effective marketing tool to promote their brand products and services.

Moreover, the people operating such organizations do not have to pay any subscription fee to use this platform. This is the reason there are approximately 25 million organizations with an active business profile on this social media networking site. Moreover, experts say this trend is likely to increase in the coming years.

Three key advantages of using Instagram stories for online marketers and entrepreneurs

Experts specializing in the field of online marketing say it can be difficult for businesses to achieve their organizational goals using Instagram without proper guidance. People who use this popular social media networking platform expect to see more than just gorgeous photos from the companies who advertise their brand products on this site. They want to see how the people running such organizations create the goods they are offering to sell to the public. This is where Instagram stories come into the picture. Studies show that the effective use of this unique feature by entrepreneurs and online marketers encourages Instagram users to visit their business websites frequently.

These professionals go on to point out the following three key advantages entrepreneurs can enjoy when they use the potential of Instagram stories to market their brand products to the general public:

Increase in customer engagement

Instagram stories are a series of photos and videos which appear in a slideshow format to allow users to get a glimpse of how businesses create the products they buy. It allows them to experience a day in the working of such organizations and opportunity to hear from the owners of such establishments. This helps to boost customer engagement especially when such entrepreneurs notice a significant increase real Instagram likes from such users.

Boost sales

Unlike other social media networking platform, Instagram allows entrepreneurs and online marketers to connect with the members of their target audience at a personal level. Even within Instagram stories, these businessmen can use certain features which help them to link their posts to their main websites. It allows users viewing such stories to also browse through the sites of such owners. This goes a long way in boosting the sales and revenue of such organizations.

Potential for marketing campaigns to go viral

Entrepreneurs who are successful in capturing the attention of their target with their story ads using this unique feature on Instagram notice an interesting trend. Within a few seconds, people who enjoy the strong visuals of such marketing campaigns and relate to their message immediate, such posts with the those they know. This enables such businessmen to reach out to a larger audience.

Instagram stories allow entrepreneurs and online marketers connect with their target audience in a way which is not possible with traditional advertising methods. The above three advantages of using this feature prove why it is an indispensable marketing tool for such businessmen. It can help them to gain the competitive edge in the marketplace without making a huge hole in their pockets

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