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Propel Philippines Launches DC Heroes-Inspired Drones and Teases on Star Wars-Inspired Drones

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Propel Philippines recently launched the DC-Heroes Inspired Hover Heroes and Batwing HD, and though the products were already available online and at some hobby stores, the media launch on April 17, 2018 at Builtable Co-Working Space along Shaw Boulevard was still a much-awaited event because not too many are still aware of its existence.

Why the interest? Where else could you find a very affordable drone, though more a toy than a precious gadget, that cost only less than 4K in pesos....and of course we are talking about the Batwing HD which is a drone shaped like the Batman's plane but has a 720p HD camera already.

The Hover Heroes with the images of Superman and Batman are more of the toy category with its simple up and down capability, and without any cameras too that's available for only 999 pesos, similarly priced to their previous micro-drones.

The Hover Heroes (Batman and Superman) motion-controlled helicopter-like flying superhero responds when you place your hand under the body of either the Superman or Batman image. It rises back up into the air when it detects an object underneath and hovers periodically when no object is detected. The two Hover Heroes have LED lights on their eyes and logo when flying.

Includes on/off remote and USB Charging cable. It comes with CR2032 lithium-metal battery and built-in lithium-ion battery, and measures approximately 6" x 2"

The palm-sized Batwing drone is with Propel's patented Switch-Blade technology allows you to operate in 3-ch or 4-ch modes for beginner to advanced pilots. It has built-in 6-axis gyroscope chip which keeps the Batwing HD extremely stable in all conditions.

It is also patented with Reverse Propulsion Technology where blades are attached underneath the drone to compromise with the Batwing design and flying experience.

Take videos and photos with the 720 HD pixels, 0.9 MP Camera.

It has push-button 360 degrees aerial stunt capability.

I guess Propel Philippines is targeting a different sector unlike those playing with the very expensive DJI models. I recently heard one owner who was all sad and weary because his drone fell in the ocean. That would surely hurt especially if its still almost new, and you have not fully used the gadget, well at least up to its warranty end.

But in the case of the Batwing HD drone, 4K is more of an acceptable loss. So newbies may want to use it as a practice drone so they would be expert in operating the real things when they can finally afford or ready to lose the more expensive ones.

Philip Lew, Consumer Experience Global Head

David Borden, Country Director

Shiela Mamaril, VP for Business Development

Philip Lew with Tsinelas King, Elmer Padilla

Shiela Mamaril with Tsinleas King Elmer Padilla

Jim Trinidad, Retail Officer

Retail Officer Jim Trinidad explains more about the Hover Heroes and the Batwing HD, and also demo a unit so we could see them in actual flight. We have a video interview with him below.

The heads of Propel PH, led by Philip Lew (Global Head of Consumer Experience), gave great news about their company and the acceptance of the consumers to their products. They also revealed an upcoming line-up as well where Star Wars images are used for their drones. Sadly, they don't come with cameras too but all Star Wars pop culture fans would surely eat up  the new offerings once they are announced available for purchase. Maybe even request for orders in advance.

Shiela Mamaril, VP for Business Development, also talked about the two new products from Propel PH.

Propel Country Manager David Borden gave information about how to become an affiliate as an additional way to earn out from promoting the Propel PH products.

We also had a surprise visit from Tsinelas King Elmer Padilla who gave the Propel Ph team a Batman image he made from slippers.

Congratulations Propel Philippines for another interesting product. Now that they are tapping into the pop culture icons like DC and Star Wars, I'm definite that fans of the respective hero line-ups would not miss the opportunity to make their products part of their collection. Sure enough, the Batman and Superman Hover Heroes and Batwing HD will be a valuable part of the fanaticism. The company should now actively participate in pop culture conventions so people could be aware and easily get a hold of their products.

I also took the Batwing HD for unboxing and trial during one of our out-of-town adventure but I'll post that on a separate blog. So stay tuned for it soon here at Wazzup Pilipinas.

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