Sunday, April 1, 2018

Open and Close Letter to Our Dearest Delusional and Dirty Detractor

Wazzup Pilipinas!

One of the main reasons why we can't leave the online or blogging community is because of corrupt entities like #WhineInManila 

We need to put them in their rightful place, and we feel obligated to lead so we can make this world a better place.

Sites like them only exists to earn and do not care about the welfare of their readers. They publish junk to get views, and play dirty against their competitors.

Nakakahiya sila! 

We've already reported them to the authorities and they will be held accountable for all the dirty deeds they've done.

They are indirectly blackmailing brands and events by backing out of the media partnership in an effort to demean other publications. They are reporting us as not belonging to the Top 100, or, as reported by this recent event organizer,  sending over damaging links to stories created by our bashers.

The companies do not require their media partners to be top of the line.  The more media partners,  the better.  But since #WhineInManila arrogantly boasts that they belong to the top 100, they are implying that companies should kick out the other media (which is mostly us) if the event organizer wants to keep #WhineInManila as media partner.

Some brands let them go, but some brands let us go by cancelling the media partnership with us in order to keep them.

For your information, here's the (un)official statement (or Open and Close Letter) from the Editor-in-Chief and the rest of the Wazzup Pilipinas team:

"There will always be folks who would throw dirt on our name. Many have tried but we came out cleaner than ever. Rumors or hearsay don’t define our credibility, our work ethics does.

However, how we work is clearly not available for everyone's eyes. So all you could do is guess or lurk in the shadows hoping you catch us doing something wrong.

Thus, all we could say to the ones who try to put us down "You're just boosting us up even higher than ever!"

Why? Because now we know you have really gone so low by playing dirty. So low that you're now in deep shit and stinks with a pungent smell that I'm puking everytime I hear your name.

You're trying to take us out of the picture, but sorry because we are here to stay. We are making a lasting mark and will forever be written in history as the one who dared kick your ass. Well, maybe not now, but soon! So get your ass ready for a lot of crazy and wild kicking!

The better influencer in the online industry should not be defined by who gets the most number of Views, Likes, Shares or Comments (we believe you market these engagement as impressions), but by who exerts extra effort to put social responsibility and significance above all the click-baits and other stuffs that are making the Internet a garbage dump.

We would rather grow slowly but honorably, than kiss asses, connive with misfit brands, play dirty and prey on unsuspecting victims. How about learning to pray instead to lessen your sins?

We cannot boast as much numbers as you, but we are proud of the many opportunities we declined because we believe they are dishonest and not beneficial to the greater good. While you on the other hand should confess your dirty deeds as soon as possible otherwise it will consume you down to a point of no return.

We know you are a coward to even answer this open letter but that does not surprise us. You've always been taking the easy way out!

Did we mention you play dirty?

Oh, yeah we did!"


Below are just some of the memories of how they praised me when I was just starting to write for them, but I immediately grew disenchanted after realizing they just run a smoke and mirrors operation.

Sadly, you won't find my article at their site anymore because they put everything down including those of the other writers that were allied with me.

My only regrets is, I never made copies of the write-ups including the photos. All the effort that went through the articles got wasted....including the supposedly feature stories about the many establishments and events that I visited.

Our difference? I moved on and went to establish Wazzup Pilipinas. I only react whenever I receive reports of their dirty deeds against us. I just pray that they mind their own business and let me do my work. Let the brands and events that I collaborate with get to know the real me on their own without being bad-mouthed or anything similar to that effect.

They may try to say that they only arrogantly uplifted themselves, but who are they fooling to think that many cannot read between the lines.

But wait, there's more!

So much more that you have to wait for this "bloggerserye" to conclude.

However, will it ever find closure if they continue with their dirty deeds?

I guess they won't because they are just too dirty.

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