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Organizer of Seafarers and OFWs Expo Backs Out From Partnership A Day Before the Event

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The CEO of a company who recently held an event for Seafarers and OFWs said she will just pay us the media values after they cancelled the media partnership between us a day before the event - You read it right! They cancelled a day before the event!

This was because they found out that this certain online publication does not want Wazzup Pilipinas as a co-media partner. Also, the CEO said several links to damaging stories about us were sent by the said online publication's founder. Stories that were obviously fake because they couldn't even send it to us so we could fairly defend ourselves.

It turns out that the online publication's founder is a partner of their company. This online publication has a habit of harassing other event organizers by sending emails backing out of the event partnership and boasting that they have better stats and reach and belong to the top online publications thus they would not want to be co-media partners with others who do not meet their standards. They would then encourage the event organizers to partner only with publications with high stats.

This CEO should know that there are many other factors involved aside from the video interviews we did of her together with their other representative/endorser, the promotional presence online at our site and social media pages as they requested the interview to be posted at the main page of our site, and shared throughout our networks.

We are talking about the costs in preparing the printing of Wazzup Pilipinas tarps, posters, flyers, shirts, and other merchandize to be used at the event. This includes the effort and time wasted as we have already scheduled people to man the booth. Those, and the stress they gave us for cancelling a day before the event, should count as additional expense for the trouble they made. Imagine feeling helpless as we were so busy doing field work, while being concerned they will kick out our people from the booth they promised us as part of our deal.

They were persistent never to let us use the booth eventhough we already told them we will display something else and would not show any Wazzup Pilipinas merchandize instead. So we had no choice because it was too late already to argue with them. Like we said, they cancelled a day before the event...just a few hours to go before the first day of the event.

But the event was already over last weekend and until now we have not heard any word from them including when they plan to pay.

We are still waiting for her reply on SMS since that is the form of communication they prefer even though we asked them to email their concerns and reasons instead. They prefer calling us up even when we specifically said we are on tour all around Pampanga for an event and several restaurant visits and interviews/ photo and video shoots so any phone calls would be difficult to answer.

We hope they shape up and become more professional. Otherwise, we will share this story in greater detail without any more blind items as we want to let people know of their real identities and expose them for their indecent acts.

We can be civil but we are also not afraid to tell the truth.

We fully detest the atrocious acts of the main organizers of a recent event for Seafarers and OFWs. The main organizer and the rest involved in the despicable acts should not be trusted.

Enumerated are just some of the reasons why they should be considered very unprofessional:

1. Abruptly backing out of a partnership (a day before the actual event). Cancelling all our agreed ex-deals and arrangements (logo placement on all promotional collareral, booth allocation, etc.) even after we have fully complied with our part of the deal (video interview and placement on our main page).

2. Backing out informally via text message or SMS and phone call, and without any just or valid reason even after we requested them to send an email enumerating their reasons instead of calling by mobile phone in the middle of our Pampanga tour.

3. Their associates (the original agency who invited us to partner) does not even reply back to our emails. There also made no effort to communicate or apologize or even stating the reasons for cancelling.

4. The main organizer promised via phone call to pay the media values instead but until now there has been no communication from them when and how they plan to pay.

5. Backing out just because another online publication is part of their event. And as revealed by the CEO of the main organizer, the founder of the online publication is a partner and close friend her.

We believe ending a partnership in this manner is very unprofessional and we are obligated to warn everyone about them so they would not be able to repeat the same horrible acts.

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