Monday, March 26, 2018

Nadine Lustre and Friends for #ChooseCurvalicious by Whisper

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Today’s women are a force to be reckoned with. Unfazed by nothing and empowered to do more, they are unabashedly beautiful and confident wherever they go.

However, it is very rare that fat and ugly women are chosen for top positions whether it be for any field. From a recent beauty pageant grand coronation, one of the judges at the Q&A portion asked why is it that the pageant highlights a search for inner beauty but requires only beautiful women to successfully pass as candidates. This is because we still prioritize physical beauty, and pick out the better one out of the best choices. After all, it is still a "beauty" pageant, thus the intellect, talent, etc, are just bonuses.

Woman empowerment movements have been around for ages, but they still pose a questionable effect that coukd be damaging rather than empowering.

Every woman empowerment movement should  never sound or look like they are competing with men. Everyone should realize that gender should never be a preference or hindrance towards a goal.
But please do remember that if we want equality, we should equally work hard for it, and never use femininity to take advantage of situations.

Everyone must also get the necessary experience, skills and attitude appropriate for the job....and not get special privilege because you do pa-tweetums, landi and smiley echos to your boss to attain something. If we want equality, kanya-kanya tayong buhat ng bigat natin. Kanya-kanya tayong akyat ng hagdan. Huwag idaan sa female only elevator. Lol!

On March 20 at 5PM, Nadine Lustre took the stage as Whisper launched the Whisper Curvalicious Movement at Valkyrie Night Club, The Palace, BGC and performed the latest Whisper anthem.

We joined in celebrating the new Whisper woman, fearless, fierce, and playfully bold - Nadine Lustre, together with Two of Nadine’s best girl friends, Kiana Valenciano and Lauren Reid. You can be Fearless! Just like them, and #ChooseCurvalicious with New soft cottony Whisper!

Say yes to Curvalicious!!!

The party ain’t complete without Nadine, together with two of G-Force’s talented dancers, performed on stage her new Whisper Curvalicious song. We will upload the video of the song soon at our social media pages.

In the real world, we should be helping each other, becoming the strength for each others weaknesses, and stop proving that the male or female species can be equally better. It's already 2018. Women have proven their worth so many times already. There should be no more reason why they keep shoving it down our throats. It is so sad to find out some women are still looked upon as the weaker gender because some of these women still expect to be given special privilege like being seated at crowded public transportation vehicles. If we don't want to stand, never enter a Standing-Room Only vehicles like the bus or MRT/LRT trains.

What lacks at the event is the emphasis that not only good looking or #curvalicious women should take the spotlight. Lustre, Valenciano and Reid are all "sexy" which could somehow motivate women to exercise, watch their diet, keep away from vices, in order to look similar. But for those that are not so lucky to have fit and fab genes, no time to exercise or go to gyms, can't afford the organic or the calorie-measured diets, the special pills or supplements, the visits to Calayan or Belo, or an agreeable metabolism, it's hard to get a body like those of these Whisper Curvalicious movement endorsers.

But I am not really against any movement that seeks better opportunities for everyone. It is everyone's dream to be able to pursue anything they desire and getting a fighting chance regardless of gender.

Again, choose Curvalicious because it supports the ultimate quest to get all women the same respect and appreciation as men. 

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