Sunday, February 18, 2018

Your Name Has Been Dubbed in Tagalog

Wazzup Pilipinas!

"Whenever you may end up in this world
I will always be searching for you
We both look up at the same stars
yet see such different things..."

Kimi No Nawa or Your Name is definitely one of my favorite anime movies ever!

"They've never met, but are united through their dreams."

No matter how many times I watch the anime, the feels is just too much that I couldn't stop my tears from falling.

Your Name got me so hooked I set my blogging aside so I won't miss any episode as soon it was available.

I highly recommend this anime! The visuals were stunning and the story was truly something else. Even if you aren't a huge fan of romance I promise you won't regret it. I was so emotionally wrecked by the end of it though, and that's a warning.

This movie was truly a gorgeous emotional roller-coaster. It had me laughing, feeling sad, crying my eyes out, but the ending left me filled with joy and a desire for more. Just like Clannad, and Your Lie In April, it has left me with a new take on life.

The love story between these two were great, the only flaw I can find in the movie was the complicated story, which I will not spoil. But if you can look past that, it's a beautiful movie.

You could also read the fanmade manga for the completed ending so you will feel a lot better. Go Google it and you will find it out.

One lesson I learned from the anime is that sometimes the most important thing is telling and showing people how much they mean to us.

Another lesson, the mind forgets but the heart always remembers.

Taki Tachibana is so freaking precious and deserves so much.

The smash hit film by acclaimed director Makoto Shinkai has also been dubbed in Tagalog! If it's Makoto Shinkai, trust me, you'll need to bring rolls of tissue with you. But how come there seems to be a few who hated it?

Honestly, I still love the Japanese more than the Tagalog version. It felt ruined because the original would always be the resounding best.

Not that I have any quarrel with the voice actors, but translating it in Tagalog somehow made it lose its meaningful touch.

You can call it "corny" for a lack of a better way to describe it, but for us who adore the genre, hearing the original words eventhough we are patiently reading the subtitles, is more magical.

Dubbing has indeed grown in popularity but I would prefer an English dub than Tagalog because we should be more fluent in using the International language so our kids would be more competitive globally. I may be nationalistic but I am also realistic.

How about you? Do you like originals being dubbed in Tagalog?

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