Thursday, February 22, 2018

Are Media Practitioners Possesed with the Culture of Entitlement?

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On MalacaƱang's ban on Rappler's Pia Ranada Robles from covering the palace, the National Press Club of the Philippines said:

"Journalists, like public officials they often criticize, should not be onion-skinned nor be possessed with the culture of entitlement. we sometimes deserve the treatment we get by the way we comport our selves. Tit for tat."

Rappler’s Pia Ranada says she was barred from entering MalacaƱang’s New Executive Bldg., where Palace press briefings are usually held.

Usec. Jhopee Avancena of Malacanang Internal House Affairs Office says Pia Ranada and Maria Ressa are both banned in Malacanang.

Is there a reason why? I guess it should not be a surprise for Rappler correspondents from all the negative news they published about the Duterte administration supposedly angled in focusing mostly the negative points, and finding fault in everything when the intention is for the benefit of the majority.

Remember their news about a Quezon City ordinance requiring foreign business establishments with incomprehensible signages to have an interpretation in Tagalog or English so the signages would be understood by the common peeps? Their headline focused on the penalty if the ordinance is violated instead of the benefits it would give the masses.

Is the culture of entitlement well and alive within the media? Is it true that they feel as if they have the privilege to every single office or press con they see?

As much as I love to attend all the press cons and evebnts out there, organizers have the prerogative to choose who they want to invite mainly because they prefer to get their stories out the best "version" possible. PRs and event organizers tend to skip those media outfits that are too critical.

Though many would claim only managing their resources to cope with allocated budget restraints since media invitations usually have some food and complimentary gifts provisions. Those venues, buffet fir lunch or dinner, and little tokens of appreciation given to media, do add cost to the organizers, which includes the government agencies.

But then again, government press cons need not be lavish in feeding or pampering the media, especially those pretty perks that somehow affect the outlook of media towards the topic they will be writing. Media tend to prefer attending those press cons where they get better treatment. Think of it like getting a negative attitude if you keep someone waiting for hours, then going hungry throughout the event. You are likely to get walk-outs or no published news at all.

But for certain top-of-the-line news that would surely gain a huge audience, the mainstream media outfits, and also those that are influential or have contacts among the organizers, gets priority invitations.

For bloggers, those who get a lot of event invitations are not necessarily the top influencers. Most of the time they get recommended by fellow bloggers or are in a good relationship with the PRs or event organizers. 

Being popular doesn't mean you're the most viewed or Liked blogger. It could just mean they prefer you than pesky bloggers who give them a hard time.

Of course, there are many other situations and reasons prompting the selections or limitations. Though I find it ideal to give all media outfits the privilege to attend every event, or enter all government agencies to conduct interviews, the reality is sadly the reverse. You will be rarely shortlisted if you're not in good terms with the media coordinators.

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