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You Won’t Believe These Incredibly Easy Ways to Make Money While Travelling

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We all want to escape the gruelling 9-5 grind and explore the world. Imagine how perfect it would be waking up in the middle of a beautiful city, watching the world go by while immersing yourself in new cultures and around new people.

Sounds perfect doesn’t it but surely money is always an issue? Thanks to modern day technology, this is no longer the case. To get you started, here are some mind-blowing ways to make money while you travel.

Become a Freelancer

This is a rather broad term, but it’s one of the best ways currently to earn money while you travel. Using websites like Upwork or People Per Hour, you can easily find work in all kinds of industries for businesses and individuals around the world.

Work in Hospitality

One of the most common roles you can apply for abroad is working in hospitality, meaning bars, restaurants and cafes. It definitely pays if you’ve done something like this before, but if you can secure a job or an interview, at least you’ve got some solid hours under your belt.

Become an Editor

If you’ve got a keen eye for detail, this could be the job for you. There are millions and millions of blogs out there online, each one in need of someone to go through and check the accuracy of the content before uploading it. Why not you?

“Editing is such an important part of the content creation process for most businesses, yet all you need is a laptop, focus and the ability to spot errors,” shares John Banks, an editor at Top Canadian Writers.

Become a Fruit Picker

What sounds better than spending your days in a field in the glorious sunshine with strangers who are quickly becoming your best friends? Fruit picking jobs have always been a popular pastime and money earner for travellers, and the same can be said today.

Simply search online for vacancies in the country that you’re visiting, and you’re sure to find a paying position.

Become an Academic Writer

Many people love to take a year out just after they have finished a form of education and moving onto the next step. Why not use your educational experience to profit while you travel? There are many services out there, some of which are featured in this post by the HuffingtonPost article, which handle writing essays for students around the world, something you can do if you’ve specialised in a subject.

Become a Tutor

There are so many students out there that would pay good money to get taught by someone who can help them pass their courses and achieve their grades. If you’ve specialised in a certain subject or simply have a talent for one, why not become a tutor on sites like Best British Essays or Best Australian Writers.

Work in a Hostel

More and more hostels and warming to the idea of work-away for people who are travelling, but you’ll need to shop around. While some hostels will let people work there in return for free accommodation and food, some will pay, especially if you plan on staying long term

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Jennifer Scott works as online editor at Revieweal ( Also Jennifer is a business developer that works in different areas of education, technology and various types of online marketing and online education. Prior to business developing she was consultant at Deloitte, and managed security services provider and developer of a wide range of marketing, finance, education and security solutions.

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