Sunday, January 21, 2018

Rappler Closure Order is Not Media Repression

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"To say that the fate of one media entity found to have run afoul with the law translates to media repression in the country is stretching the argument a bit too much." - National Press Club

I agree! The current issue surrounding Rappler could not be considered as media repression since there is a valid case against it. It would be otherwise if there is no sound and valid violation. Rappler thinks so highly of itself that it is blinded with entitlement.

This also applies to the blogging community. A few misguided bloggers could not bring a community down. We should not be too arrogant in bullying others who do not meet our expectations. Rather, it will be those ranting against their fellow bloggers who would ruin the reputation of the community because they are clearly showing how we lack the maturity to solve problems in a professional and decent manner.

Not even some melodramatic bloggers, supposedly fighting for freedom, but actually jumping into the bandwagon of hate towards the goverment, could fully taint the blogging community since there are more bloggers out there that are sane enough to understand what is really happening.

Let us not be too hasty to condemn others without even getting all the real and verified facts from all parties. Not because your friends are all jumping into a cliff, you have to follow. Think independently to avoid mob mentality.

Not even one beauty vlogger, who got humiliated by a hotel owner by revealing her proposal for an ex-deal at his hotel, could degrade the status of other bloggers who have their own strong fan base. Bloggers with proven credibility could not be easily dragged down by other erring bloggers.

We clearly witnessed how unethical and immature people who think they could muscle their way to a better government. Regardless if they have a point, it is never a good move to challenge the government. All good intentions go awry if delivered wrongly.

There are just some things that needs to be discussed privately outside of social media. We do not really need to involve the public unless our ulterior motive is to convince more people to rally against our intended targets.

We should not share our sentiments that would only further cause chaos to an already disturbed nation especially if our words lack the information needed for the public to arrive at an intellectual conclusion.

In the end, we should never take sides with law-breakers, unless we could show proof that they were wrongly accused. Until now, it has never been made clear that the accusation is false.

Even if it means going against our allies, we should not lower our dignity just to let our friends, colleagues or families, get away with their crimes. Everyone should be made responsible for their actions.

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