Saturday, January 20, 2018

Find Our Purpose in Life

Wazzup Pilipinas!

At a media thanksgiving, we were once asked to write on a piece of paper one word that clearly defines us ... but it should also start with the first letter of our name.

I wrote "restless" since my name starts with an "R"

My real friends would know why and will agree that it is very appropriate.

No rest for the wicked! I keep saying to myself that I will rest only when I'm six feet under, or ashes in a jar.

That's why I always feel like I have all the energy to boost everything about me - including my confidence.

You could see me so confident that others perceive my aggressive behavior as arrogance. I can't blame them because not too many would dare declare themselves as the Pambansang Blogger ng Pilipinas - even if it was originally intended as a joke.

However, having that title pushed me to exert extra effort towards a nationalistic goal so that I could leave this world a legacy worth remembering.

Our life is a continuous and never-ending story that only ends when we are finally laid to rest. While living, we do pause every now and then, but there should always be something bothering us which keeps us waking up very early to start our day.

What should bother us? When other people are not bothered by what's happening around us.

Sadly, when a considerable amount of time has passed and we still could never cure the problems we encounter, we give up and dismiss  them already as unsolvable and now common and natural occurences.

We often go with the mindset of the many no matter how mindlessly passive we become especially when it is now widely accepted as an everyday scene. We feel better if we go with the majority to avoid conflict even if it means suppresing our voices.

Not too many wishes to stand out as too weird or crazy in fear that others would ridicule us. Thus we avoid those who would seem to cause trouble for us, as we try to silently go with the flow, rarely against it.

In a nation that sees us as peculiar when we don't meet their standards or expectations, we are branded as nuisances to a systematically arranged existence they impose on the majority.

We should never follow the same path as we are all genuinely unique. We don't realize that we lose our real selves when we stray away from what we believe in.

Life becomes meaningless if we are living a life dictated by others.

Find ourselves again before it's too late! Find a reason to wake up early to give our existence a worthwhile purpose!

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