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Top Eight Reasons Why Bloggers Bash Other Bloggers

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Ever wondered why there are bloggers with unending complaints or rants towards others. Those self-righteous pricks that thinks highly of themselves like they're faultless. They keep telling others that some bloggers are damaging the blogging community. But we all that it is actually their blabbering that has ruined the outsiders impression towards bloggers.

But there are several reasons why bloggers bash their fellow bloggers. Instead of getting their attention privately, they would rather resort to social media or bad-mouthing to announce the alledged wrong-doings of their fellow bloggers. There seems to be an ulterior motive for if they truly seek to correct mistakes, they should give bloggers the chance to change rather than putting them to shame.

Here are the top eight reasons why bloggers bash their fellow bloggers:

1. These bashers are not busy enough to mind their own business. Idle hands lead to idle minds, or the other way around. When they can't find anything to do, they look for something to destroy to keep themselves occupied. Sadly, they look to bash those who seem too good to be true, so they exaggerate the llittle trivial issues, or even fabricate lies in an effort to bring others down.

2. These bashers see others as too successful or actively engaged in blogging activities that envy starts to creep into their malicious minds. Those who seek the shirtcomings of others are just to overwhelmed with how popular their peers are, so they go into a mission of portraying others as not picture-perfect.

3. Other ways to stand out among a multitude of bloggers is to defame others. These bashings could be a way to discredit other bloggers so these bashers would remain on top of the choices for events where only a few gets invited. The bloggers population has drastically gone so high that the cunning would tend to play unfairly by badmouthing others to PRs, event organizers or the brands themselves.

4. Similar to how companies get the services of bloggers to promote ttheirproducts,o ssservices or personalities, they could also do the same to tarnish the reputation of their competitors. Thus, there is also nothing stopping bloggers to do the same to their fellow bloggers. Make their friends look good, while making others not belonging tobtheir group look bad. When you notice others ganging up to bash others, it's more of mudslinging rather than an effort to improve the community.

5. In general, people are more inclined to join in on the bashing even if they have very little idea of what's going on. Being clueless does not prevent them from posting derogatory remarks. Many do not even know the victims personally and have not even interacted with them in any way. Online bullies are normally those who have their own personal hatred to battle and thus take their frustrations out against anybody they know could not retaliate easily. Try facing them on and let's see who squirms uncontrollably.

6. Those who gang up on others were probably bullied as well. But the real reason is because they felt inferior during their younger days thus are out for revenge on whoever is out there. This is true especially for those who are confused with their real identities, and still searching for their fortress of solitude or batcave.

7. Greed to keep the opportunities to themselves, or within their circle of friends, could be another reason. At events, there are only a significant number of invitees, thus not every blogger out there could be tapped for campaigns or promotions. Getting lots of invites to events does not necessarily mean you're the most credible or influential among others.

8. Alliances with other bloggers who had or in a quarrel with another could motivate you to avoid inviting the latter. Regardless of how much they would deny it, we would always have the tendency to side with those we've had a working relationship already. It could also motivate you to speak out against the latter to show your support to your blogger friend(s). These are called blind followers who blindly look up to somebody or only a select few, and curse others who are not on their friends list. Their motto "Your enemies are my enemies."

Perhaps there are more reasons, but these are what pops up on the top of our minds. If you have other thoughts that you believe should be added on the list, then write it on the comments below so we could check if it warrants an inclusion on our list.

At Wazzup Pilipinas, we believe that there are several opportunities for bloggers out there that we do not need to seemingly fight it out for supremacy or even survival. What we experience right now are actually just the tip of the iceberg. The future holds many more doors opening for online influencers that openly and freely express their opinions and naturally gets involved to share pieces of their mind. We are now aporoaching the days when media would never hesitate to report with a heart and soul, which means no holding back. Now that we could even report in real time, it would be proper to report as is and without any sugar-coating. Covering up for others, especially when they are sponsors, advertisers or valuable clients plague mainstream media. Let us not make blogging another means to cover-up or spread fake news - intentionally modified, fabricated, realigned, incomplete, baseless, and biased just to wrongly promote, protect or persecute others.

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