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Safe Driving with Children (Infographic)

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Children nowadays has their eye for everything that interests them whenever and wherever, they tend to be excited in everything they see, and this causes some parents to get nervous when they are with their child inside a car.

Bringing your child with you in every trip is considered a huge hassle in controlling their behavior. So, why is it important to secure your child’s safety when you are driving?

One aspect that we could look in to is with the responsibility that a parent possesses with their child. You want to go with your child somewhere, right? You want to explore sceneries with them and nurture their interests whenever you travel. This means that you’ll have to ensure their safety, so they are always with you every step of the way. To do so, these are the following tips that suggests for a hassle-free and satisfying trip with your child.

Know where to seat them – As a responsible parent to your child, this kind of strategic position intercepts the basic control of you being a parent. Most Filipinos follow this basic rule in keeping their child in safety for the benefit of a relaxed environment inside the car.

Buckle up – This tip not only involves the safety of the child, but also the parent.
Everyone inside the car is required to wear their seatbelts for the means of following the law and by giving yourself a safe trip.
Never seat kids on your lap – Children always want to have fun in everything that tickles their interest, but as for having safe trip, a parent should keep in mind the importance of being cautious rather than careless.

Secure your gears – Having a safe travel means a well-equipped vehicle. Don’t risk your safety by not checking your vehicle’s status before your trip.

Kids should also know the rules – Sharing these rules with driving in a tone that children could understand can lessen the risk when a parent drives.

Always supervise – “Prevention is better than cure,” is not only applied in health but it also promotes the idea of being responsibly safe in every aspect specially for your child’s safety inside the car.

Don’t text and drive – Multi-tasking by the means of being irresponsible is a huge risk, and driving alone is a risk. Always remember that your child see’s the things that you do, be role model of safety not with bad habits.

Have car insurance – Filipino’s are known for their emotional value with their families, and as a family oriented nation, this reflects on how you should have a mindset of the risks that is always present whenever you are in a vehicle.

Learn more about these tips with the infographic.

Author: Erwin Reyes

Erwin Reyes has a combined experience of more than 15 years in the car insurance industry in the Philippines and Australia. Loves cars and enjoys to sourcing out great deals for its clients

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