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5 Scrumptious Dishes for This Christmas to Make the Best Out of the Day

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Well, Christmas is around the corner and it is the time for all the tinsel to be placed strategically around your living room again and let the ultimate fun to reach its peak. Also, this is not the end! It is the time to treat your taste-buds with those delicious Christmas delicacies too. Moreover, thanks to the Pizza Hut offers from Dealslands and other such deals, you can eat in an extremely frugal way on this Christmas.

However, thinking of the traditional Christmas dishes like the tasty Christmas Ham, and yummy Christmas cake? But, why don’t you try something different this time which are equally mouthwatering but certainly the unique ones of course? Want to know about the same?

Then, here’s a rundown of such appetizing dishes which you should go for this Christmas and thus on this year the dinner would turn out to be one of the most memorable Christmas dinners ever.

So, here I start!

1. Caramelized Onion Tarts With Apples

(Photo Above)

Want to taste a delicious and impressive appetizer that can be made easily? Then, you must go for this dish on this Christmas evening! The sweet and savory taste meet the mixture of apples and onions which comes with the toppings. This kind of tasty toppings turn out the tarts to be super-yummy!!

2. Fondue

Let your guests warm up themselves in the freezing Christmas evening with this retro dish. This dish is a perfect amalgamation of flavors and tastes in which you can find a wonderful combination of fruity wine, a splash of lemon juice, grated cheese and so on. It just melts in your mouth when you eat it with cubed bread and boiled potatoes. Also, while going a bit beyond of being traditional, you can even couple up this fantastic dish with some cut-up apples and pears, sliced cooked sausages and so on.

3. Pears with Blue Cheese and Prosciutto

In this dish, you can find that the tender and salty prosciutto is taking the classic combination of pears and cheese to just another level. You need to just roll up a slice of roasted pear, a piece of arugula, and a piece of creamy and yet not crumbly piece of blue cheese in a strip of prosciutto and it’s ready!

4. Rosemary Pecans

You just need to put a little bit of extra effort on the snackable pecan which will take just 20 minutes and thus your holiday appetizer would turn out to be extra-festive! Moreover, the taste of melted butter, cayenne pepper, sugar, salt, and rosemary make this dish extremely palatable.

5. Feta and Spinach Tartlets

This unique type of tartlets which are savory in nature is being inspired by the Mediterranean flavor. So, if you have an intense love for such Mediterranean aroma of food then this dish is more than perfect for you to taste on this Christmas. It has an outstanding combination of spinach greens, feta cheese, and last but not the least the fresh dill in a crunchy phyllo dough shell.

Winding Up

I guess you might have started drooling by now itself. Well, if so, then such an action of yours is genuinely understandable, thanks to the extremely delectable sorts of dishes these are! So, try these dishes for the upcoming Christmas and treat yourself in the best possible way ever.

Lastly, Wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in advance!!

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