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Top Tips On How To Write An Essay About Your Travel

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Plan your writing, define the goal and the value that you will provide for the readers, think what impressed you the most while traveling and write it in the essay.

How to write an essay about your travel

If you like visiting different places around the globe or if you have had only one trip so far, you will face the need to draft about it. It can be your inner desire to note down all the excitement in the tale. Or you can simply get the task at the college where you are studying. There are no strict rules like to compose five lines of the text for one paragraph. There’s one secret. We have borrowed it from We’ll give you a few tips on how to express your thoughts in one text.

Define the goal and the value

If you are writing a text that will be read by many people in the future, you should clarify the goals that you want to reach with this text. Do you want to tell a local joke of the country you have visited? Do you want to show the world how beautiful the seascape or cityscape is? You choose the goal and it should be the reason for reading your tale.

There’s one more trick that will make people want to read more and more of your texts. It’s the values that you provide for the readers. This piece of information should provide something new, unique and useful for your audience. Otherwise, there’s no sense in reading it. Is there a reason for writing a text that no one will ever read?

Tell about the location and the perception

You have several variants of how to describe the location. You can use adjectives that represent your subjective vision or you can totally dismiss them. You can write how marvelous the sunset is from the highest peak of the mountain or you can draft about the height and the colors you see. You will provide different effects on the readers. If you have a specific goal, it will be easy to define what kind of information you will express in the text.

You can use one more trick and write about your perceptions only. It’s not only about what you perceive, but:

      What you see with your eyes;

      What you hear with your ears;

      What you feel with your skin;

      What mental state you have.

You are not limited to using all of them in one text. You can bring the readers to any of the places that you have visited and let them experience the same perception and mental states as you have had. You will have to rewrite your text for several times in any case. It’s good to have enough time before the deadline to compose the text, put it aside for a few days and read it again.

Travelling is a great opportunity to make your life views broader. There can be a lot of things to compose about in your tale, but we advise you to focus only on the things that matter to you personally. You will have a stronger interest to finish the task on time and make your text stand out among the hundreds of similar ones.

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