Thursday, September 21, 2017

Writing Article About Travel Successfully

Experienced writers demystify travel writing: these tips and steps to follow are the only things you need to create the best article about travel ever!

Make Your Travel Story Vivid, Juicy and Sensible
If you want to share your travelling experience with others, there is nothing more convenient than writing an article in a blog of yours. Professional writers of present you the most helpful tips how to turn your text into a vivid picture of your voyage.

General travel writing tips
The first person, past time
Avoid clich├ęs
Simple language, no dictionary dinosaurs
It’s up to you whether to follow the rule of classic structure

Tips and twists that will inspirit you text
Try not to start your narration with a road to the airport (unless something useful for the story happened there). It is advisable to start with interesting fact or anecdote rather than with something obvious.

Do not be afraid to use quotes, especially from locals: add some flair to your text.
Do not provide false information, check every fact first.

Personal experience is not a priory the most interesting thing to read. The main aim of your article is not to give all the details of your trip somewhere: how you’ve missed a bus or got wet under the rain. The key purpose is to tell readers more about place, people, traditions and situations to take into consideration if someone may want to repeat your trip.

If you want to make your writing really helpful, popular and interesting, step out from the information that can be found in any guidebook. Search for new ways, food outlets admired by locals and unknown to tourists, search for unknown but picturesque locations, collect pieces of advice from locals where to go etc.

Act like a movie director: use different focuses to create surroundings, landscapes, pay attention to details and switch those focuses to get better picture.

Always apply “show not tell” approach – you have to use all senses so the readers can draw the most detailed and vivid picture of the place you have visited in their imagination. Do not be afraid to share your emotions and describe in detail what things, people or events caused them.

Do not sound like a TripAdvisor comment or description of certain place. Find your own tone and voice to sound original.

It’s all about the detail. Do you know how many times does the word beautiful appear in the travel articles? It is easier to count stars rather than the frequency of usage of this word. As a result, it means nothing more than nothing. If you want to tell your readers that certain building, location or a landscape is beautiful, give details, as much as you dare.

After you finish writing, let it rest for some time and then proofread and edit it – there is nothing more frustrating than typos or other errors that catch the eye and spoil the whole impression of the text.

And plan your text beforehand: thus you will know what to describe next and won’t face “writer’s block”.

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