Thursday, September 7, 2017

Who Should Be Held Accountable for These Deaths!

The Philippines is decaying....and what are we doing about it?

Let this image haunt us of what is truly happening around us. I fear for our children because this administration is rotten to the bone....whether they admit it or not, they caused this to happen.

Let us make them accountable.

When they ushered in a supposedly war on drugs, there has been many questionable scenarios. "Nanlaban" or "nang-agaw ng baril" are the primary excuses yet there were no witnesses to validate these claims but rather counters instead.

The so called "serve and protect" has become "slay and persecute" in so many dreaded ways....aggravated by a President who encourages killing even the suspected.
No more due process of law.

Execute! That is the order.

We may not be able to kill the weeds by just trimming them. We need to uproot to permanently end the infestation. But then again, we may still find ways to put them to something useful. After all, they are still living things that deserve a place in this world.

Do not kill the other useful plants in the process, or even those that were slightly tainted by the weeds. There are still plenty of hope for them.

Our gardener is wise enough to know even the undesirables could be turned into something attractive.

Fear, Anger, Disappointment, Frustration...

We saw this coming when the one who won as President is widely known as a shady character with very little diplomacy.

Perhaps now the people who voted for him are now enlightened. There are insurmountable evidence that cops were responsible, what are we waiting for?

Let us act now before it is all too late.

We don't want our children to live in this kind of world where justice seems dim because the leaders themselves are responsible for creating a culture of violence.

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