Friday, September 8, 2017

The PCOO Is Not Stupid!

On the contrary, the Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO) is not weak or stupid.  It just doesn't have enough good news to share to rise above the rising fact that DUTERTE IS A MASS MURDERER.

The only way they could disseminate something positive is by fabricating news. Sadly, they are not fiction writers.

If it comes out directly from the President's dirty mouth, how is PCOO going to twist and turn that to something positive or beneficial to them?

Hey, I can't possibly blog that Duterte is humane, when I hear him encouraging everyone to kill, lambast foreign allies, joke about raping women, lawyering for the Marcos family,  defending erring cops, and cursing the opposition. Do we even talk about his failure to do what he promised during campaign period....and what seems to be trivial like declaring Marcos' birthday as a non-working holiday in Ilocos, we know that the issue here is thicker than any layered cake you can bake.

When you try to make me come up with something good out of nothing, I might as well resign and write about showbiz chismis instead. At least in showbiz,  everyone knows it's all make believe and everyone is acting.

Bloggers should counter all these effort to depict him as our saviour. There are now movements trying to justify his deplorable statements and actions. We need to be critical enough to distinguish between fact and fiction.

Duterte has been digging graves ever since he entered politics, do not let him put us underground even with the promise of a luxurious coffin and a band playing our favorite songs.

Oh, but I blog about the accomplishments of his agencies, but the proliferation of fake news by his followers mostly hiding behind the anonimity of social media is upsetting.

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