Thursday, September 21, 2017

The Moymoy Lulumboy Book 4 Media Launch

Coming from the owner of Precious Pages (home of the Precious Romance hits), we expect nothing but the best the company could offer out of the Moymoy Lulumboy books. True enough, Segundo Matias Jr.'s Moymoy Lulumboy stories are giving foreign fictional stories something to watch out for. If you want stories revolving around our own versions of mythological creatures like "aswang" and "manananggal", then this book is highly recommended.

The Moymoy Lulumboy books are proudly Filipino creations with Filipino writer/illustrator Jomike Tejido providing the images for us to better visualize the characters and stories aside from the words coming from the author. I'm actually craving for a full comic/graphic book version so Jomike could illustrate more.

We have to admit that the illustrations provide essential elements on why we love most books since we get to have an idea of what the heroes and villains, the places and objects, especially weapons, would look like. Though the author would effectively describe most of the looks, their words are mostly effective in establishing the character and feelings of the main characters. Most of the images, sequences, their over-all looks, etc., are established in our heads as we read the story. Thus, interpretations may vary depending on how we visualize them in our heads.

The comic book artists are making it big as well by using their expertise to bring the experience to a higher level since we get to see how they truly envision the world and the characters via different angles, point of views, colors, etc.,

Yet, after seeing the presentation during the media launch held on the Saturday during the Manila International Book Fair (MIBF) 2017, the book could also be effective as a musical or play, or even a TV series or a movie? Who knows, only the fans could further dictate up to which point the success of Moymoy Lulumboy would reach. An effective collaboration is always the concern, but when all parties involved are eager to make everything work, we're sure to see the character go beyond the books. Why not? It is well deserving of praise and should be rewarded by getting more exposure through different mediums.

How about an online version, a digital interactive e-book perhaps? It's a lot of hard work, but more realistic than an animated feature since the Philippines is not yet ready for a Filipino-produced animation.

We all know about the popularity of Harry Potter, the Game of Thrones, and other fantasy stories. They all started out as books so which raises the question, "Is Moymoy Lulumboy qualified enough to be considered at par with their level, and could make its way to a TV series too?"

The answer is " If we could also make our special effects at par with the Hollywood versions, then there may be a chance to follow those footsteps."

Our only shortcoming is that we still do not have enough skills and equipment to get away with stunning visuals that could match what Hollywood is doing. Even if we do, we could nit afford it yet. The expense or cost of the project may not be attractive for producers.

But why am I talking about the next level for Moymoy Lulumboy? The author revealed that he may consider reaching up to book 7, and even beyond that. That means more reading adventure for book lovers.

I am fortunate enough to now be a proud owner of all four books, and looking forward to continue the collection even if it means attending all MIBF events. But that is no errand for me as I always anticipate this annual event. The smell of real books, flipping every page as you read, and actually holding them in my hands are beyond compare to having them on a tablet or online version. Seeing them on the shelves at home and able to get them as I please everytime as I go to bed before finally sleeping, is always a much awaited moment.

Congratulations to the team, for coming out with the newest addition to the Moymoy Lulumboy book series. Count us in up to the next upcoming books! Let's put Philippine folklore further into global knowledge. We've seen Philippine mythological characters already being used in foreign content, so hopefully the Moymoy Lulumboy books will strengthen our presence in the international scene.

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