Thursday, September 7, 2017

Stop the Killings for We are All Losing This War

Sadly, what Duterte supporters are doing right now is to counter the gory deaths of the three youngsters by posting stories about drug users that supposedly commited horrendous crimes as well.

You now wonder if they are also searching for the truth about the accussations against the cops, or intent to justify the lies with other crimes.

Parang awa na ninyo. Magkaibang issue po iyon. What we are fighting for is the obvious savagery of these cops who were supposed to be our protectors but are seen doing otherwise.

You cannot justify the deaths of these youth with the crimes of others. OK lang ba pumatay agad-agad without due process of law dahil lang sa hinala? Kahit pa sabihin nating guilty sila, noone has the right to kill people, especially the youth who still have many years to change for the better.

If you still believe these government leaders deserves to stay in power, then there will be plenty more deaths coming our way. They may not be directly involved, but they are encouraging the people under them to commit crimes.

The culture they are promoting is absurd. Nobody deserves death, torture, or even public shaming to fight a war that could only be solved if we prioritize education. Make it as our primary recipient of the biggest share of budget. When people are educated, they will stop voting for the wrong people.

We invest not only on the youth but also to train everyone else in entrepreneurship or setting up their own businesses.

Sustain this move by the assurance of providing affordable basic necessities like food source, housing options, etc. that could now be easily availed by having many entrepreneurs running their own businesses. We should not let businesses be monopolized by only a few to enable fair competition.

There should be more provider of other utilities like electricity, water, phone and internet connection, etc.

I believe no one will resort to drug use or trade if they are educated enough to know better, have better options and are happy with their lives.

This administration is doing the lazy man's way of resolving crimes: Kahit suspected pa lang, patayin na para sigurado. Matanda man o bata, walang kawala. May bonus pa tayo pag na-reach natin ang quota. Kaya inosente man yan o guilty, dagdag pogi points pa rin yan kapag ating nadali. Madali lang naman lusutan dahil wala pa ring body cam. Sabihin lang natin na nanglaban o nang-agaw ng baril. Siguraduhing tepok para walang aberya.

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