Thursday, September 7, 2017

Ramblings of a Paranoid Old Man

He tried to control someone but the turn of events made that someone realize who deserves his friendship more. That someone left him and his pesky group of misfit bloggers whose only concern were to kiss the ass of their sponsors.

We don't take people under our wings only to forcibly brainwash them to believe our distorted reality. We don't remove what makes them genuinely unique - their pure and real perception towards reality. We don't teach them to ignore or hide the truth just to benefit our sponsors. As part of media, we are expected to share only the real stories for the benefit of the people.

If writing about the truth is wrong, then we do not want to be right anymore. We will continue to write about our true experience.

Now we know who the kiss-ass versus the kick-ass bloggers are.

Yes, we are disrupting the blogging community because it is turning into a money-making machine filled with manipulated and controlled "news" that could very well be called fake rather than real, truthful and sincere news and information.

We are sorry but we feel that the public needs to be aware of what these group of bloggers are doing to the community. They need to be exposed for what they truly are - Nothing but ass-kissing bloggers who just wants to keep the opportunities within their circle of friends who agree to their ass-kissing atrocities.

Life is too short to fear their deeds no matter how many they are. If it only takes a few to stand up against the many,  we are ready for the challenge. We will continue to expose those who masquerade their true intentions.

Below is a horrendously revealing message sent by a blogger to a fellow blogger. The latter decided he wants nothing of their ass-kissing so he left the group. But the former thinks there was a third party who "manipulated" the latter. On the contrary, it only took their self-righteous paranoia for the epiphany.

"Please do not save or change the world if you cannot even save yourself. You are putting your blogging career in danger by associating with _______, and ________.

Grabe na ang issues and still you are siding with them. Yes you are friends but you have to see what they are doing is wrong in the blogosphere and PR world.

People are angry to them because of what they did and what they are doing wrong. If you cannot see that, I'm sorry we cannot be in the same side.

Until you have come to the realization of what is right, I'm sorry I cannot be your friend because your principle and mine is not same anymore. See what it has brought to you and how it brought your dark side. People sees you as a traitor and walang utang na loob that's what I got upset that all my hard work trying to improve your reputation (not mine) went down the drain.

I showed ______ your pm sa _______ fb page and the comments and threats and disrespect that you have given to both me and _______ who took you under our wings.

I have not done anything to you for me to deserve all the threats you gave me, including _______ who patiently listens and advice you. Walang kang utang na loob.

You have chosen ________ and I wish you all the best. Kung mali ako, mali rin si _______, I think it means what is right. Don;t be blinded and be influenced by _______. You have not seen the evil in him yet. He wants revenge and put me down. For what? What did I do to ______? You are being manipulated now by him as everybody is saying.

Only when you admit that you are wrong and will no longer take side with _______, only then you can be in the light side again.

You cannot shine light when the darkness envelopes you.

Save yourself and be the light you want to be. Peace of mind comes only when you don't have guilt because what you are doing is right.

Good luck my former friend.


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