Thursday, September 7, 2017

Profiles of a Bigtime Blogger: LOOT Who's Talking!

"Do you like loot? Do you enjoy having so much loot that you don't know what to do with it? Does the thought of drowning in a sea of loot" ever comes to mind?"

LOOT who's talking? The life and times of a loot blogger.

This is fictional yet realistic.

"Hey, look mom! I attended a product launch event and I got a cool shirt that says I LOVE BRAND X!

At the second event where a presscon was held for several politicians, aside from my token mug, I won a tumbler in the raffle (inside was a envelope containing cash).

At the third I went home with a notebook and pen, and got an extra umbrella for being the early bird, at their movie screening.

Wow! the fifth one gave us free entrance to their concert next week, and a discount voucher to a spa.

OMG! the sixth event let us feast on a hefty dinner and let us bring home the leftovers.

I got to do a selfie together with my fave celebrity at the seventh event...and got an autographed book.

The eighth promised to send us product samples for review next week. I can't wait to try them out soon.

While the ninth gave us GCs in exchange of a favorable feature about their services, and WTF, I won a new smartphone in the raffle.

Last but not the least, we partied with unlimited booze until 1 am at the tenth event. Also got a free ride back home on an Uber.

I wrote well, mom! I promoted all of their events on my blog and social media accounts. I even highly recommended them to my friends personally.

Also, somebody wants to add their links to one of my articles for USD100, and I agreed.

Yey! Inside my room is a stack of boxes containing all the loots I got from all the previous events that I attended, and more keeps adding to it after every event ..... almost everyday I come home with something new. Many times lucky with raffles, bloated with all the food served, and other bloggers tag me along at their events too.

Of course, I return the favor, and invite them as well. But sometimes there would be limitations to the slots so I need to keep some events exclusive for me.

At the end of everyday, if you ask me what really motivates me, it is not the loot that we get but rather the experience of being part of a few who get special access to events.

Not everyone gets the same privileges, and I'm proud for the opportunity.

Look, mom! I made it to a status where your thoughts and opinions matter. Where they believe you are influential enough to make a difference.

Are you proud of your eldest son? You should be!

Hey, I plan to leave a legacy! I want people to remember me as somebody whose iconic. ,.... even through his shout-outs.

After all, nobody else asks almost everyone to do the iconic Wazzup Pilipinas shout-out.

Hey, did I mention that a few of these events were not satisfactory? Some were above, but some were below, our standards?

I don't call myself as the Pambansang Blogger for nothing. But it means something greater for me, and not superiority.

***Entirely fictional yet realistically honest. Based on facts (and from experience), yet not intended to portray or define a single person.

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