Saturday, September 9, 2017

Looking Back to Retell My Story

".....tell me a bit about yourself, what your interests and passions are, and what your schedule is like ( you already have a full-time job you're happy with? How many hours per day can you work?) and add me on Skype....."

My very first experience in writing for others was when I contributed a few articles to a tech magazine starting 2004, but had written for our school newspaper while in college, and church newspaper while still looking for a job after graduating in 2003. 

My last job as an employee was working for the United Nations as their ICT officer in 2005. After only 3 years, believing I've earned enough, I setup my own tech-related business (gaming shop and tech services like repairs, networking, maintenance, etc) in 2008, but it ended abruptly only after a year when typhoon Ondoy flooded our business. Everything went under the murky flood waters in a matter of hours.

I started blogging since 2008 while I reopened my business, but only on a personal level, then went into blogging professionally (full time) by 2013 when I got so many invites to attend events like product launchings, press conferences, bloggers events, product reviews and media partnerships. I closed my ga me business that time and concentrated on providing online services. Monetizing my blog was a lot more promising since many businesses were strengthening their online presence.

This was only after I became a voluntary correspondent for a popular online publication for around 6 months back 2012. The short stint with them as senior writer opened up a lot of opportunities for me as the invites kept coming in. I left them to setup my own online publication in 2013.

Eventually got so many awards and recognitions from different award-giving bodies, got invited to guests on TV and radio shows, co-hosted a few radio shows, got some speaking engagements, and lately had my own radio show with livestreaming on Facebook and YouTube for one season (13 episodes) that ended just last month. It was not as profitable compared to running an online publication.

I was offered to host my own TV show too, but is thinking twice since I prefer writing instead of setting up my own lifestyle show...and the real reason is - the co-production cost and search for sponsorships may be too much to handle. :)

Thus, right now, the only thing that keeps me busy, as of the moment, is my blog, my family (with a daughter that is also the Editor-in-Chief of her college newspaper), and worrying about the recent rampant killings in the Philippines, especially now that there are youths being killed as well. 

I usually blog (including social media postings) and rants, from morning until midnight...but is of course looking to contribute again for publications that pay. It will be an additional source of income aside from accepting sponsored articles with backlinks on my site, and the numerous media partnerships.

I can write about almost anything since I am fairly curious about everything. I get challenged by deadlines, but prefer to take my time since artists need more time to connect with our moody creativity :)

The last time I used Skype was way back 2003 when I got interviewed for a job. In the Philippines, we now chat more on Facebook instead. But I would be willing to open a new account again (since I don't remember my existing account's password anymore) if needed.

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