Thursday, September 21, 2017

How to Make Money While Traveling: 6 Tips for College Students

Being a student is something which has a lot of advantages to it; people have more freedom to move around and travel, without being tied down to where they live by responsibilities and the need to hold down a steady job. Many, if not most people, take advantage of this by traveling either before or during their studies, using gap years and holidays as opportunities for traveling.

Of course, to travel you still need money. For a student, there are two options, since they most likely don’t have the settled career that adults who are outside the education system do. Students can either use savings which have accumulated over their lives or they can work while they are traveling. Working while traveling is also something which gives more opportunities to be involved with the local culture.

There are many more ways to earn money while traveling than people normally think, ranging from the extremely casual working in a shop to the more in-depth teaching classes. It can also become a travel blogger for a specific company. If some students need help to write an essay and you are interested in that area of work, then you could even work as someone who provides this type of help.

Working while traveling is something which can take some coordination when setting up, but it will help you get more involved in the culture, learn more of the language, and of course, earn money for the next leg of your trip!

Travel Blogging
Travel blogging is something which has really taken off in recent years, due to the digital world becoming so accessible. Travel blogs are in high demand from many different companies, including travel agents and hotel companies. The ideal travel blog is something which is not very long but in-depth, and shows the variety of entertainments which exist for travelers in a certain area. Ideally, when travel blogs are written, they should focus on one single area within a geographical location, and show the sites, good places to eat, best travel options and more, which are available to travelers.

Teaching English
This is something which is best sorted out before you go on your trip, but people who are traveling can fund themselves by teaching English wherever they go. Teaching English is something which can be quite lucrative, although it obviously depends on where you go on holiday. It is also a good way to learn the local languages, since you will need to communicate effectively in the local language where you are staying if you want your teaching to be most effective. The internet can help point you and others in the right direction if this is how you want to spend your holidays.

Housesitting is one way of making money while traveling, but this particular method might work best if you are already familiar with the area in question. Knowing the language will also be helpful, as it will allow you to build a network of customers more easily.

Housesitting itself is useful for a variety of reasons – not only does it allow you to earn money, it also gives you the opportunity to move around the city or country you are currently in. This can help you to learn more about the area you are traveling in.

Café\Restaurant Work
Working in a café or a restaurant is perhaps one of the easiest forms of work to get for someone who is traveling (though not the easiest form of work). This type of work is always available, and so it is quite easy to get hold of.

Busking is perhaps something that should be a last resort, since it is not really a fixed source of income, and so may not give you enough money to travel. Busking and playing musical instruments is something which happens a lot in major cities, so you will most likely be able to find a spot to play quite easily.

Work Exchange
A work exchange is a website or other area which lists people and companies which are willing and able to provide food and accommodation in exchange for work. This does not pay, but on the other hand, you don’t need to pay either. It is useful if you want to simply experience living in a certain environment, although if you want to spend all day sightseeing it might not be for you. Work exchanges are also useful for traveling around an area, as it means that you will always have accommodation.

Final notes
Working while traveling is a very popular thing to do as it gives people more ability to move around than they would otherwise have had. There are a number of ways to work while traveling, some of which are harder to set up than others, but all of which enable people to enjoy their traveling more, and potentially get more out of it.

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