Monday, July 17, 2017

TLS: Memoirs of Timog Story Conference

Wazzup Pilipinas!

It's my first time to attend a Story Conference or "StoryCon" for short so I'm a bit surprised they revealed almost the entire story of the movie, including what the celebrities would wear, and even the make-up style for the actors who would play characters from the 70s period in time.

But as they say, stories when read or spoken could very well have different interpretations depending how creative our minds are. The images that will form in our heads could be entirely different from each other....and of course they would not reveal the highlights and climax of the movie.. And thus we still would need to watch the movie for us to appreciate the combined artistic expressions from all those involved in the production - the directing, screenplay writing, and everything else that would made the movie complete.

TLS: Memors of Timog is classified as an Independently produced or "Indie" film that would normally be identified as a low-budget film. However, we all know that Indie films have been known for quality and intellectual content unlike mainstream movies that just bank on huge stars (and put very little priority on the story) just to please the masses.

My first impressions from the StoryCon made me think the movie is a love story that spanned across time. There will be moments when the main characters at the present time would reminisce their life in the past when they were still in their teens and madly in love with each other.

When they revealed the meaning of TLS as Tuwa, Luha at Saya, and when Boots Anson Roa reacted to it mentioning her recent experience, it evoked a heartfelt reaction from me. When you hear people talk about their own life experience, it touches deep, and with people like these as among the actors of the movie, you would know that they would portray their characters very well because they are emotionally open to even people they newly met.

Tuwa, Luha at Saya is the different stages in our life too. I'm just so happy that the producers and screenplay writer told me that the end would be truly "Saya" or happiness, and being a musical, I'm sure there would be lots of interesting music compositions that would put us into an LSS Syndrome. All songs were originally written and composed so they are something to look forward too.

For the director, the movie signifies a lot of first for him, and thus he is also hopeful that the Metro Manila Film Festival will favor their inclusion for the movie festival this December.

So at the TLS: Memoirs of Timog movie storycon, the producer said I could have an extra role with dialogue ...hahaha!!!

If they are serious with that offer, then I'm excited to be part of the movie....

Pero I should control myself dahil baka imbes na sabihin ko yung lines ko ay bigla na lang ako mapasigaw ng "Wazzup Pilipinas!"

Malay nyo, malapit na ang Wazzup Pilipinas the Movie!!!


The movie stars Boots Anson Roa, Freddie Webb, Michelle Vito, Jon Lucas, Akihiro Blanco, Deejay Durano, Rey PJ Abellana, Garrie Concepcion, Arthur Solinap, and Edmund Santiago. The "storytellers" are Mario Gatdula Alaman (The brains behind the story) and Nick Harvie Aquino (Screenplay Writer). It is directed by Roderick Lindayag.

We have special video interviews with all the cast that were present during the StoryCon, including the director, producers and screenplay writer, so please do watch out for it soon on our social media pages. We've uploaded the videos while this article is being written. Below are the videos embedded from Facebook, but more are still upcoming as we also took a video coverage of the entire talks in the StoryCon. But we won't embed them here anymore so check our Facebook page for updates:

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The TLS: Memors of Timog is produced by Utmost Creatives and Blade Auto Center.

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