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444th Araw ng Pasig: Writing for the Mayor of Pasig City

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In celebration of the 444th Araw ng Pasig, the City Government of Pasig has arranged for several activities to commemorate the festive event.

Among those events is the Search for Dangal ng Pasig - an annual undertaking of the City Government which seeks to give recognition to men and women whose achievements in their chosen profession or vocation have contributed invaluably to the development of Pasig. The awardees would serve as inspiration to the future generations of Pasigueños.

I line with this, my daughter, Hannah Krystelle Del Rosario, was commissioned to write the Inspirational Message of the honorable Mayor Robert "Bobby" Eusebio for the  3rd Dangal Ng Pasig Gawad Parangal 2017 event. She was also asked to write the message of the Mayor for the Araw ng Pasig souvenir program.

We are not sure if there would be some changes after submission to the office of the Mayor, but I am proud of her for having this opportunity. She may not be formally credited for its creation, but knowing she did write it is already a recognition. After all, it is not everyday that you get to be trusted to write a speech for the highest government official of the city.

Hannah Krystelle is also the Editor-in-Chief of their college publication, the Lundayan of the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Pasig (PLP). She is graduating this year with a course of Education. Apparently, she favors the career of her mother who was a teacher but now works for the Department of Education (DepEd) specifically at the Pasig City Division Office. However, she took on the interest of her father (yours truly) who is also the Editor-in-Chief of, and also a radio show host for DZRJ 810 AM and 8Trimedia Network. 

Congratulations to our daughter for her so many achievements. We are truly proud of her excellent academic records, including her extra-curricular activities. We know this is just the start of a promising future for her. I would say to keep up the good work, but she's the kind of girl that already knows which to prioritize and excel in. You'll definitely learn a lot from her too.

Below are Hannah Krystelle's works:

3rd Dangal Ng Pasig Gawad Parangal 2017

Inspirational Message 

"Truly, we Pasigueños are delighted to see that the denizens of our abode, each being passionate aspirants with their sights beyond the distance, had accomplished such notable milestones in their own respective fields. It is ever so easy to admire and put those in front of us in the spotlight, for it is evident that they are blessed with their own abilities and have reached exemplary heights.

What we may not notice, however, is a fact that is easily overlooked – the fact that whatever profession they may hold, they are being recognized at this very moment not only because they are flourishing with innate skills but because they have proven themselves worthy due to their serious commitment and genuine love for what they do. Before we give them praise for their talents, let us not forget to account the gargantuan amount of time and effort they have dedicated to their craft and their fortitude in the midst of failure and adversity. Let us be proud of the fact that despite the changes brought about by nature and the impact of technology, which paved the way towards modernization – we Pasigueños do not forget to retain our culture and spirituality. We may acknowledge the company but what really matters or what constitutes the heart of them all is the amazing people.

Let us not be afraid to be ambitious and believe that we, too, can excel and be the best versions of ourselves. Before we convince ourselves that we can only do so much and such capacity is out of our league, let us note that we are capable of leading ourselves to something magnificent, for it was neither the earthly desire for fame nor fortune but rather the unwavering passion for what they do which had made us grace them with the spotlight.

Let us hope for our fellow Pasigueños to consider this acknowledgement not as a finale but an inspiration to further their achievements and to continue aspiring for the best, for as Arthur Ashe had said, “Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome.” “God gifted us with talents. What we do with those talents is our gift back to God.”

444th Araw ng Pasig, 3rd Dangal ng Pasig Gawad Parangal 2017

Souvenir Message

"People should not be afraid to be passionate for what they do, for it is passion which ignites the flame of commitment and nurtures one’s fortitude amidst challenges as they aim for their dreams and aspirations.

Let it be known that a person’s power to believe that he is capable of the extraordinary can make a great difference. This power to believe is the main catalyst towards determination and the willingness to exert effort into what they do.

It is with a proud spirit that we congratulate the awardees of this jovial occasion. On this 444th celebration of our city, let us once again celebrate in favor of one of its greatest features which is its people. We are surrounded by people who continue to accomplish marvelous things, evoke the inspiration of their fellowmen and continue to reinvent the name of the Pasigueno. We are also surrounded with people who embrace the challenge which is to improve themselves in their respective fields. They have been courageous and steadfast in their own paths in life. They have granted themselves the power to create the life that they have in front of them at this very moment.

To everyone who continues to work towards their goals and towards a reality which they can be proud of, we thank you and salute you. Congratulations!"

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