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League of Corporate Foundations to Hold CSR Expo for 2017

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I am always reminded by the words of many thought leaders that all our efforts of reaching out to others in the form of donations, medical missions, etc., would become nothing more but a repetitious activity if we would not empower the people themselves.

We've all heard about so many Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs or something similar but differently named activities conducted by many companies, NGOs, foundations, etc., I've posted so many of these stories on my site coming from many brands or companies, and though I am deeply grateful for the effort, I would like to ask if we are really making a significant change on the lives of these people we are trying to save.

Since every little thing counts, and we've also heard about stories giving hope and inspiration among those we've helped. But I do believe we could do more if we also come up with more long-term programs that would come hand-in-hand with our initial outreach.

However, many are saying that these activities seem to be nothing more but an opportunity for photo and video coverage so companies could compile the stories as part of their corporate portfolio to show how they are compassionate and giving towards others. People would see these companies flaunt to the whole world that they are advocates for change and development of our society. This may be the case for corporations, but entirely different for individuals who would even leave their stable jobs just to help. Somehow, I would tend to agree to all of these but deep inside I know that there are more going on behind the scenes.

Though we all know there could be vested interests (especially for businesses that we keep reading in the news), these efforts also inspire others to follow or emulate, and even go beyond than the usual. Those who tend to benefit from these generous benefactors are the beneficiaries.

I am more proud of those whose activities include empowering the communities. Only when we empower others to stand up on their own and work hard for their livelihood, that is the only time when we will be successful in uplifting the lives of the people we are trying to save.

Just as how informal settlers would return to their dilapidated homes because there are no means of livelihood at their new settlement provided by the government, those we are trying to feed, cure, nourish, etc., will be more likely forever dependent if we do not empower them to become more of what they are now.

The League of Corporate Foundations (LCF) will be having an event on July 19 to 20, 2017 at Dusit Thani Hotel and Glorietta Activity Center for their series of talks from many reputable speakers coming from various sectors, and an expo for public awareness of the many foundations.

The LCF is a network of over 80 of the largest operating and grant-making corporate foundations and corporations in the country. Since 2001, we have been celebrating the annual Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Week in July.

In 2016, LCF celebrated its 20th year and commemorated the annual CSR week with the theme “Co-creating the Future through CSR”. The creation of integrated value and the recognition of a singular global development agenda paved the way for organizations to work further towards collective movement.

This 2017, on LCF’s 16th year of observing CSR week and its 21st year as a dynamic network of corporate foundations and corporations, our CSR Expo theme “Disrupting for Social Good” will create another milestone for LCF, as we all move toward disrupting the status quo and effecting greater change and impact with a wider reach.
Their special guest during their media launch held at the Villar SIPAG Laurel House, Shaw Boulevard cor. S. Laurel St. Mandaluyong City on Wednesday, June 14, from 10AM to 12nn, was former Environment Secretary Regina "Gina' Lopez who is often referred to as an advocate for the environment even before she was appointed as the DENR Secretary, and she only got kick out by the Commission on Appointments mainly not because of her lack of following due process but because she was very controversial with his fight against irresponsible mining.

Sadly, our government is still full of scalawags with a lot to gain if the mining companies continue to operate. Business is business especially for those involved in mining so there are probably moves that were made to ensure she is removed from her office.

However, she also has allies mostly among businessmen who would gladly support her with her endeavors, and being part of the equally powerful Lopez clan, she also has many resources she could tap to put into action her projects.

She gave a lengthy talk, and presented a few videos too, including one that showed how passionate and emotionally touched she is regarding the sad fate that our fellowmen has to undergo at a community destroyed by the mining industry. She also talked about her other efforts, and another video showing her latest TV show that looks more like another travel show but if you look a lot more closer, you might also feel her sincerity not just to protect the environment but also the community affected by its destruction. She would probably show how beautifully blessed the country is, and encourage us to sustain it so that the future generation would also appreciate its wonders.

When you visit the expo or listen to the talks on the 19th and 20th of July, I urge you to ask for their efforts towards significant long-term projects that would be more helpful for our countrymen. You may also want to ask how you could help with your own little way. We should not limit the opportunity to the big players but also seek the cooperation of the little ones. Big or small, everyone's help is necessary.

In my own little ways like participating in the recent community outreach at two barangay schools located at Bontoc, Mountain Province, joining the Pasig Rehabilitation Council Commission on their Pasig River Tour, asking thought-provoking questions to the people I met during Independence Day celebrations at Quirino Grandstand, and many more that I do through my story-telling by means of blogs, vlogs and social media, I seek to find more ways I could help out and inspire others in the process.

Our country is rich not only in natural resources but also of loving and caring people, but when desperation comes, some would resort to either criminal acts or dangerous addiction to drugs and other vices. None of these would ever happen if we have enough opportunities for everyone to flourish and live a decent life.

We are thankful for all the CSR programs from many foundations, but now is the time that even the poorest of the poor, should be taught how to pull themselves out from the slums.

We all know the real answers to the issues, but some of us just want to sensationalize everything for our own fun and pleasure. It's like pointing out the obvious with only the intention to mock or ridicule others.

It would be very rare for anybody, especially for the government, to admit their mistakes, or greed, whichever is more prominent or valid as the reason. You cannot force anyone to commit a career suicide. We will all forever be in denial.

But this country would not improve or change for the better if all of us are forever divided by continuously finding faults on others without offering any concrete solutions.

We also forget about our own shortcomings. It's like complaining about the floods, but we kept on throwing our cigarette butts, used water bottles or candy wrappers on the streets, cutting trees for parking spaces or paper, destroying lands to mine for copper, polluting the river with our waste, etc.,

Like many of us, we are all very much inclined to uplift ourselves above and way ahead of others. We all seek convenience, comfort and luxury. What is sad is that we sort of step on others on our way to the top. Every time we limit opportunities to only a few, just because we want exclusivity, we tend to sacrifice the welfare of the nation.

Remember that this nation would only progress if our mindset would only be "Walang Iwanan" and "Sama-Sama" towards success. No man should be left behind.

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