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How to Understand that She Is Seducing You

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When a woman likes a man, she will try to show it in every way. And all her intentions will certainly be shown by the language of gestures. You should pay attention to her gestures for understanding how a woman treats you. We will tell only small part of those gestures, but they will obviously show that a woman is seducing you.

Long eye contact

The eyes of a woman can tell you about many things, including her sexual desire. This is an unmistakable signal. Her look is filled with sexual desire and you, of course, will notice it even in the crowd. A look of some women can be intimate and playful, of others - languid. In any case, woman's eyes will always give you a signal.


If you see that a girl is gently caressing her legs or hips, then be sure she likes you! She dreams of having sex with you. While you are telling something, drinking your coffee or answering a phone call, she is mentally in bed with you. If she casually touches her knee and makes any other manipulations with her legs, then her only message is: look at me and have sex with me. She wants to seem sexy to you, and how paradoxically it may sound but at the moment she wants you, you want her as well. Show your desire, show that you want the same, relax and have fun!

Naked shoulders

One or two - it is not important. Have you ever pay attention to how Marilyn Monroe posed? That's it - she shows the shoulders and looks coquettishly at the men. This drives minds of all men! This is a kind of secret weapon.

Praise and compliments

Women also tend to give compliments to men. Most often this happens spontaneously and completely sincerely. Compliments about your appearance, success, sharing and approval of your interests is a sure sign that she doesn’t mind to have a more private conversation and intimate atmosphere.


Lips are probably the most sensual part of our body. They attract all the attention during a conversation between a man and a woman. A woman may lick and bite her lips, demonstrate her tongue, drink a cocktail with a straw - is that still not clear?

She is relaxed with you

This is a very important nuance that allows you to determine the approximation of the moment of intimacy. She should feel comfort and relaxation with you. A girl may openly and cheerfully laugh, don’t hesitate to joke and tell nonsense. You're almost in bed with her in this case. But if the dialogue becomes uninteresting and you hear only “Probably” or “Okay” on all your efforts to keep it, then leave this losing battle. You probably didn’t attract her interest.

Mirror effect

People say that if you want to please your companion, then just copy some of her/his movements. Yes, it works sometimes. But if it's about girls, then they want to tell you something entirely different - they don’t mind to have sex with you. Watch her facial expressions and movements: if you see that she tilts her head, strokes it with a hand, or does any other movement identical to yours, then she quite clearly lets you know that you shouldn’t be shy, but you need to act!


If you want to understand a girl, then watch how she touches herself or she can even touch your arm or shoulder when you are talking about something. This is one of the most distinct and obvious signs that she wants you. She will touch you only in two cases - if she considers you as a friend and these touches don’t mean anything to her or the second option - she wants you and doesn’t hesitate to show it with her touch. So first of all, make sure that she really treats you like a man and you don’t become her next friend with whom she discusses all sorts of nonsense and cries because of her broken heart. Only then you can safely answer her touches the way you want.

Thanks to our friends from Maria Dating for providing this article.

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