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Empowered Women Can

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Tough, driven and ambitious. These are just some of the words that describe the modern-day Maria Clara. Just like how Wonder Woman is lighting up the silver screen and breaking boundaries, women are just about done with the caged-stereotypes and roles imposed by the patriarchal society they grew up in. Whether single or married, women have found remarkable ways to share the load of keeping their families comfortable, all while building careers, and embarking on their own businesses.

As feminism flourishes online and social media sites so does the image of a financially-capable woman. But let’s face it, raising a family can be tough for any woman, especially if you’re juggling a job and two or more kids. There are bills to pay, mouths to feed and retail therapy just isn’t the answer anymore.

Make money off your past life

Whether you’re a full-time employee or a full-time mom, you’ll always be looking to get more bang for your buck. One way to stretch your Peso is by buying and selling pre-loved items through online marketplaces. After all those spontaneous trips to the mall in the past, you’re bound to have accumulated too many unused and underused items that are just lying around.

This is where online and mobile classifieds marketplaces, like Carousell, come in. Carousell lets you snap, list and sell your preloved items in just 30 seconds. Putting those underused tops up for sale has never been easier. It’s also a great to way to earn a bit of side income and unlock value in items you don’t use or don’t want to keep anymore.

Even if you’re deal-seeker, second-hand marketplaces like Carousell could be the solution, where you can snap up personal, or even household items at a fraction of the retail price.

From fashion, Electronics, Kitchen items, Home furniture, books, to Health and beauty products, just about anything and everything can be bought online. And more often than not, they’re pre-loved and still in good to great condition.

Savvy Filipino mothers like @freedomsmom and @happymoms_closet are some of the local women turning to Carousell to help them declutter and sell their family’s preloved items to make room for more meaningful things they can share as a family.

If you’re looking to declutter your home and become an instant-businesswoman too, here are a few tips on where or how to get started:

Sense, space and style

A successful woman will always look inward first. To declutter her personal items before spreading the decluttering message to her family.
You can breathe new life into your personal style without breaking the bank.  Your closet should be one of the first stops of your decluttering journey and potential treasure trove. Take time to revisit your wardrobe for pieces you can sell online; you’d be surprised with what you find.
If you find pieces of clothing in your wardrobe that you haven’t used for six months, like a basic black blouse, why not try cashing it in? Not only would you free up space in your closet, but you can also earn some spare cash.

Vintage and branded handbags such as a Gucci leather tote bag or jewelry that you haven’t used or brought out from the closet in a long time, could also bring in the bucks.

Make space, get creative!

Even the most insanely weird and unique household items like this vintage camera clock can be put for sale.

That long-forgotten bedside drawer or coffee table may take up space in your room but may be a centerpiece for someone else.

Your children’s stash may also be a potential gold mine. With the kids growing so fast, instead of throwing the clothes they’ve only worn for a few months, you could look to sell it on Carousell. Not only would you be making some cash, but you would also be helping another mom pick up a nice set of clothes for their kid.

Even the toys your children have outgrown, but are still in good condition, can bring so much joy to another child. Just make sure you’ve got your kids’ permission before you start selling all their stuff. (Carousell will not be responsible for any kiddie meltdowns).

Use the extra income to make extraordinary memories. Take your family on a holiday getaway to unwind (it might make the kids more agreeable to parting with their old things too).

Get rid of all the unnecessary clutter that’s hogging precious space in your home. Build character with every piece you acquire and let go of the ones that you don’t like. Nothing screams empowered better than a Woman who’s got it all together.

Easy to use, easy on the pocket

What’s really great about living today is the existence of great mobile apps like Carousell. With over 1.6 million listings on Carousell, the application is thoughtfully designed and organized to make sure you easily find that special something. The site’s intuitive features makes shopping or selling a breeze.

On top of that, the app has a built-in Chat tool  that allows you to easily communicate with the seller or buyer without giving your personal contact information. You can also opt to meet your seller in person to be able to carefully inspect the item before paying.

Carousell empowers women and everyone else to get more and enjoy modern life.

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