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Top 10 Tools and Gadgets for Writers

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Being a writer in today`s day and age is an amazing thing. The writing was revolutionized by advances in technology. Just think, some thirty or so years ago if you wanted to write in your favorite coffee shop. You technically could, but the sound of your typewriter would probably drive everyone nuts and they would collectively kick you out! Then you had an annoying task of carrying the same heavy typewriter home, together with all your papers and notes! All your research had to be done in a library where you had to wear actual clothes instead of doing research in your pajamas at home.

In addition to a good and portable laptop which is so essential that I won`t even mention it anymore throughout this article, here is a list of cool gadgets and apps to help any writer!

1. Foldable keyboard:

Cool piece of technology that comes in various shapes and sizes. You can get it for IOS, Android or Windows. If your primary mobile device for writing is a phone or tablet a good foldable keyboard is a must have. Combining a foldable keyboard with a tablet packed with good writing apps will give you an amazing light portable writing solution!

2. Essay generator:

Essay generator is a great online tool to help when writing a paper. Mostly aimed at students and novices, it will ask you a series of questions about your future paper. Once you put in the desired info, it will outline the key points for you and you will have a much easier and less time-consuming job!

3. Digital recorder:

If walking best gets your creative juices going you need a good digital recorder. Sure, most phones today have this as a built-in option however you need to unlock your phone get to the app and turn the recording on. This process yet simple can make you forget what you wanted to say in a moment. With a recorder you can just push the button in an instant when you get an idea and you are good to go! Most of them have built in USB ports for easy connectivity and work on a simple plug and play basis.

4. Story Toolz:

Story toolz is a great application for creative beginners. It has a variety of helpful options like cliché buster and random conflict generator. It will also help you if you are stuck without ideas and it also has some classic tricks like word count, readability, and spell check.

5. Phraseology:

Text editor with helpful text editing options for IOS based devices. Really easy to use and with a simple interface. It can be synched with your dropbox or cloud account which makes it perfect when writing on the go with your mobile device.

6. Hemingway app:

This app is good for blogging or whenever you are trying to write something concise and to the point! It is a desktop app which mostly focuses on readability. It is great when you want to type a paper online. It will in real time analyze your sentences as you write them and point out those too difficult to read so you can edit them.

7. A nice pen:

Even though the majority of writing today is digital a good old fashioned pen is irreplaceable and a must have. You need one at least for your book signings when you become famous! The fact is, we still use pens every day and they are still the go-to choice for scribbling down ideas. You have modern ergonomic high tech versions or you could go for a classic and evergreen one, the choice is yours!

8. is a site designed for expanding your vocabulary (kind of self-explanatory but ok). As such it Is perfect for writers who work in English but it is not their native language. Native speakers should at least keep it on deck to enrich their publications with more advanced wording.

9. Memonic

Memonic is an interactive digital scrapbook. When researching a subject it is useful to have a tool like this to keep all your materials nice and organized. You can add a dropbox or cloud account and you can easily access your research from any location and from any device.

10. Write or die

Write or die is for lazy writers. It is a web-based app which doesn`t do much as long as you write. If you stop there will be consequences. When you stop writing you have a small grace period after which the app will begin to delete your text!

Good luck with your writing endeavors! Note that most of these apps have free and paying versions so the advice would be to research them find one or two that suit you and invest a bit in a premium version to help you produce good and polished work!

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