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Tech Columnist Bashes the "Pambansang Blogger ng Pilipinas"

Wazzup Pilipinas!

All the while they thought he was covering an event for one of the leading newspapers in the country, but it was revealed that he was actually more interested in featuring the "Pambansang Blogger" in his social media posts with the aim to ridicule the unsuspecting blogger from Wazzup Pilipinas.

Needless to say, his attention was divided between the event and his co-attendee. Probably because he found it more fun to bash the blogger rather than post about the resource speaker's lecture at the event.

Concerned bloggers notified the Pambansang Blogger of the bashing by sending him screenshots of the tech columnist"s damaging Facebook posts along with the comments given by his Facebook friends, of which some even joined the mocking.

This traditional media correspondent was posting malicious statements on social media about the Pambansang Blogger regarding a situation at an event where they were both invited to attend..

He was spreading news that the Pambansang Blogger was not allowed to enter by the guard at the ground floor of the building where the event venue was located. It was because the Pambansang Blogger's name was not included on a list provided by the venue.

However, it was not the Pambansang Blogger's fault that the company who invited him was not able to properly inform the venue to include the Pambansang Blogger's name on the list. Kudos to the guard for doing his duty. He called the organizers to confirm the attendance to the event before he allowed the Pambansang Blogger to come up to the event venue. ..which was just a few minutes of waiting.

"Ang nakakatawa ay kinakausap siya ng guard at lobby clerk ng Tagalog pero panay Engish niya....Hindi naman bagay dahil he sounds like "pilit" nagpapaka-sosyal. When people speak to you in Tagalog, you answer in Tagalog unless you do not know the language. Hindi yata Pilipino siya. Baka alien!" remarks the Pambansang Blogger referring to the trad media who was later found out to be a tech columnist of the newspaper.
"Sayang, binati ko pa naman siya disregarding our previous rifts. Pero ganoon pala siya kasama pa rin, Nakakahiya kay ____________ for having him to represent the publication." 
"Pagdating sa venue ay sa kanya pa nga inaabot yung event ID ko with my name and blog site computerized.......and he was scandalous in his reaction while rejecting the event ID...hahaha.. Sana pala I took a video. Nauna pa ako nabigyan ng event ID while they look for his.. hahaha.." 

"Wala ring kumakausap sa kanya doon while we wait for the event to start. What a sad and lonely man.. I pity him." referring to how aloof the trad media in mingling with fellow attendees. 
"Eto pala ang example ng media from __________? Nakakahiya, especially yung mga kumakampi sa kanya without knowing the facts...hahaha! Mga uzi!" the Pambansang Blogger continues his story. 
"My question to the resource speaker was... if he wants his kid to follow his career path...What is so wrong with that? I just wanted to know his personal thoughts regarding being idolized by his kid who may someday become involved in the "arts" too, since we all know that children do tend to follow by example of their parents. I asked the question because the last part of his talk was showing illustrations of how his wife conceived (near the stage of giving birth) his child, and the very last slide was a photo of his kid." explains the Pambansang Blogger. 
"Read the names of the commenters, guys. Know who are the uzis of the blogging community..hahaha. Mga walang lovelife siguro kaya mahilig manira ng iba. Lol!  Unlike my friends, we don't comment nasty stuff about people on our walls. We use the PM or Private Message facility of social media to talk about the "nasty" stuff.. These so called friends of his are nothing but self-righteous pricks who eat up rumors as served to them. Very few bother to get the side of the other guy." the Pambansang Blogger further states.
However, we removed the names of everyone on the screenshot to keep all of them anonymous. But you would easily find out soon if you just ask us for it.
"Yung mayayabang na trad media diyan ha....Lalo na yung media daw from _________....kahit pa totoo yan o hindi....Huwag ninyo kaming aanuhin at baka kayo ang ma-ano! Sinisira ninyo ang pangalan ng mga matitinong trad media na kahit alam nilang nakikipagsabayan na ang mga online or bloggers sa mga events coverage ay hindi sila feeling insecure or threatened. 
All media, whether trad or online (bloggers), can complement each other well. No one, or a few feeling "Anak ng Diyos", should be above others as we could all be comfortably covering events without any tension among us. Everyone deserves to be called MEDIA as bloggers are considered as "ONLINE MEDIA"
Kung sino pa yung nasa "laylayan" ay siya pa yung mayabang. Magaling siguro siya mag-compose ng questions. Pero bakit ni isa ay wala naman tinanong sa Q&A ng event?

Exclusive interview after the event? That's when they could easily edit their questions or totally exclude them from their write-ups or video coverage.

At least we make an effort to ask matter how some people feel they are inappropriate or lacking knowledge....I even asked more questions after the Q&A. Not only to the speaker but also to others present there, from attendees to the organizers.

We are also honored to be allowed to attend the 6-week workshop led by the guest speaker that's worth significantly for regular attendees. We'll be sure to write about the highlights after the workshop."

The Pambansang Blogger wishes to emphasize that unlike traditional media, bloggers rarely have formal training on writing, formulating well-drafted questions, being investigative or anything similar. Most bloggers only learn as they go on through their everyday blogging activities. Trad media should not flaunt their skills which obviously were gained under formal schooling. What is commendable about bloggers is many of them write passionately with their hearts. This is why they are considered more reliable and believable because they reflect what we mostly perceive as we go through our daily lives.
"This tech columnist even replied that his blogger friends are LEGITIMATE as if trying to imply that there are bloggers that are not LEGITIMATE? 
So who and what is a LEGITIMATE blogger? 
Yung mga blogger friends daw nung rep ng Manila Bulletin ay LEGITIMATE. Nakalutang siya sa kanyang maling paniniwala. Lol! 
If LEGITIMATE means .... ranting online about fellow bloggers and event organizers, badmouthing fellow bloggers to PRs, connivance with faulty brands , etc., is the description of LEGITIMATE bloggers, then nobody should be joining his group of blogger friends. 
Huwag mapariwara... stay away from this group of bloggers who sees themselves as LEGITIMATE but could not even see the huge chunk of "ILLEGITIMACY" in their faces.
There are just some folks who grow to be arrogant especially when they get to reach a certain point in life when they think they are above and beyond others.

"I miss my radio hosting days where I previously guested the so called tech columnist ....But sorry because I was not the one who invited "it." Eventhough we have differences, we welcomed him at the show without mentioning any of the past problems between us. But it seems his evil intentions are deeply-rooted. Panay ngiti pa naman niya. Lol!
Now stay tuned to my guest co-hosting at School of Life Radio at 8TriMedia /DZRJ via live streaming on Facebook fan page of School of Life Radio, with my very own segment dedicated to blogging. I will be co-hosting only when I'm available (because there may be Saturdays when I will need to attend events or meetings) so catch me if you can. My benefactor would like to setup my own show soon so we could dedicate an entire show with regards to blogging.  For sure, he will not be among the guests as he looks down on bloggers implying we are not MEDIA.

Now, the yearly awards conferred to Wazzup Pilipinas has continuously motivated us to remain passionate about sharing our own thoughts and point of views, regardless if positive or negative. There were even awards that recognized Wazzup Pilipinas for its "opinions" aside from being an outstanding Filipino Community Blog.

We will continue to remain vigilant and involved, especially when our haters and bashers grow in number. As what the Pochologist said in his latest video series, .... Ooohhh, just watch it to find out why bashers and haters exist... and how to deal with them.

It was also a coincidence that the topic of a video shown during the show was all about bashers and haters based on the life experiences of the Pochologist and Voicemaster, Pocholo Gonzales. It was not intentional that the latest episode of the Pochologist animated video series had the said topic from which the Pambansang Blogger could relate well because of its great timing when he himself was a recent victim of those so called haters and bashers.

If we would also like to file a formal complaint, who do we approach at the newspaper to report this tech columnists who is apparently moonlighting as a gossip columnist on social media. Lol!  or maybe he truly now writes for tabloids that is why he can't resist posting gossip on social media..

Lastly, we have to emphasize that bloggers are MEDIA... Would you dare question bloggers'  credibility... especially our power to reach and influence more people?

Huwag kayong ANO ha!

How about you? Why are you into blogging? Do you have your own reasons why you decided to setup a blog and share your thoughts online for the whole world to see? What motivates you to get involved with current issues, inform others with news, or influence others with your experiences? Most importantly, how do you deal with bashers and haters?

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