Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Snap, List, Sell in 30 Seconds: It's Time to De-Clutter with Carousell

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I have lots of items that I no longer use, especially the similar items that I get as complimentary gifts, souvenirs or  tokens from events that I attend. Sometimes, the brands would send me stuff that are not that useful at the moment since I'm already using something similar. This could be power banks, jackets, shirts, notebooks, mugs, tumblers and all sorts of USBs that they use to put in the press releases.

However, I try my best to organize and store them neatly in labelled boxes and pile them up at a portion of my room. I have to confess that I am a hoarder since I do not like to throw stuff away. While my wife wants to clean up my haul by giving them away to her friends, relatives and colleagues, I am more of the entrepreneur type that wants to earn something out of everything. 

But don't get me wrong, I sell items at more than half of its regular or retail price. I usually Google for the price, and sell my items at half of what was indicated on most sites. But usually, the buyer also ask for further discount so I end up selling the item at only the quarter of the retail price.

My additional challenge, aside from agreeing with the most convenient meet-up or pick-up point (if buyer refuses to pay for the courier cost), is finding the best way to sell them. Putting up the item on social media like Facebook is not that convenient, and a bit of a hassle if I put them at other online sites especially if I want to sell pre-loved items. There are just so much negative stories to tell that I could devote an entire blog post for it.

This is why eventhough I had several choices of events at a particular time of the day, I decided to attend the event that may finally solve my selling problems.

We had an intimate lunch meet-up with the Carousell team on Thursday, May 18 2017 at Dean and Deluca restaurat located in Legazpi Village, Makati City. The team was headed by Jia Jih Chai, VP International of Carousell, and Marita Jenine Galvez, PH Comms lead, who discussed the app’s growth in the Philippine market and their plans in the years to come. They also showed us how we can use Carousell to buy and sell!

The simplicity of snap, list, sell in 30 seconds, plus a wide variety of new and preloved items, are some of the great reasons Carousell is a thriving community. As of today, it has over 1.6 million listings on the Philippine marketplace.

Since the official launch of the online and mobile consumer to consumer app, in October 2016, more Filipinos are now rethinking their consumption habits, and discovering more value in items they no longer need.

I already installed the app on my phone, and registered using my Facebook account
We had so many topics that we talked about over lunch, and one of them even showed me the app in action as she swipes and clicks from one page to the next. She showed me the many categories where they can arrange items based on who are selling them like from celebrities, or from certain colleges. Though the app and items sold can be seen worldwide, the seller may opt to deal only with buyers within the Philippines, or within a limited area - like near their home or their offices, so they could easily meet-up with their buyers.

I'm still so busy with events lined up for the month so as soon as I find the time to sit down and re-organize my stuff, I would start selling them at Carousell.

That's a day I am looking forward to since I really need to de-clutter. My stuff has already occupied a big portion of our room that I absolutely need Carousell to help me find my stuff their new homes.

But my other problem is how to persuade my self to let go of these items. I must confess I am a hoarder because I always believe that I may soon find some use to my stuff in the near future. I've also grown attached to them like they have a sentimental value. Weird, right? But I know that is wrong so I thank Carousell for finally giving me an easier tool to help me let go (Damn! I hear that song again on my mind "Let it go! Let it go!")

For now, I have to hold the stories, but I promise to share again my experience as soon as I start selling in Carousell.

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