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10 Enticing Delicacies that Stood Out at IFEX Philippines 2017

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Amid the celebration of local and international love for savory dishes at the IFEX Philippines event, a few products stood out for their unique qualities. Here we list the products that will surely make you stop on your tracks.

1. Kablon Farms’ Single Origin Chocolate

South Cotabato’s Kablon Farms, known for its tropical juices and jams, launches its dark chocolate bars in 70% dark, 70% spicy dark, 70% Raw Chocolate Single Origin and 60% Spicy Raw Chocolate. All are Single Origin made from Philippine cacao in Mindanao.

2. Carrot Calamansi Spread by Lucille’s

This all-natural, veggie-based spread is packed with nutrients and a great healthy topping, an exciting new alternative to traditional jams.

3. Hillsview’s Mangosteen Kalamansi Concentrate

Hillsview’s Mangosteen Kalamansi concentrate is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, providing an affordable and delicious way to get your daily stamina and detox.

4. Golden Mushroom’s Mushroom Sisig

Golden Mushroom makes ready to eat mushroom tempura straight from the pack. And if that’s not tempting enough, it also offers a ready to eat mushroom sisig, made of sauteed chopped mushrooms with onion and calamansi -- perfect for a great-tasting meat-free meal. 

5. Kitchen Witcher Basimatsi

Taste the Philippines in a bottle, promises this maker of all-natural vinegars in the combinations we love. Basimatsi makes one-of-a-kind dipping sauces in seven mouth-watering variants, in delightful rustic packaging that got the attention of even visiting Michellin-starred chefs. Named after the popular local combo of bawang (garlic), sibuyas (onion), kamatis (tomato), and sili (chili), it’s a must at the family dining table.

6. Colonial Creamery Sili Ice Cream

Colonial Creamy claims to be the only local brand that makes and sells Sili Ice Cream. To put the chili flavor, the company mixes green and red chili on a blender, and then cooks the mix in olive oil. Then oil is then mixed with coconut milk to come up with the finished product.

7. McNester Mango Ketchup

McNester destroys everything you know about ketchup. For one, they proved that ketchup can also be yellow. It can also be a little bit sweeter than you know. McNester’s Mango Ketchup is made from Mango by-products, primarily from the flesh that sticks to the fruit’s seed, and is definitely tasty surprise. The company also offers Mango Sauce that may be used on pasta, vegetable salad, and fish.

8. Korea Agro-Fisheries & Food Trade Corporation’s Tea Spread

Think that you must always drink tea to enjoy it? Think again. Korea Agro-Fisheries & Food Trade Corporation’s turns your regular tea into a snack dressing. Now you can enjoy your tea on a cracker. The company makes their Green Tea Spread from green tea powder from Korea and their Black Tea Spread from products in Sri Lanka. They also import products from Peru to make their Cacao Nibs Choco Berry Spread and from Spain for their Bee Pollen Spread – yes, they make a spread out of bee pollen. All these products have zero food coloring.

9. Dewi’s Diamond’s Vegetable Premium Nutri-Noodles

When Dewi’s Diamon found out that different brands are making noodles out of vegetables, they put on their thinking cap. And after 17 years of research and experimentation, the company hit found their eureka moment. While other brands use one vegetable to make veggie noodles, Dewi’s Diamond picked five and mixed them to maximize the nutritional value.

The company used malunggay, red camote tops, saluyot, monggo, and soya, to make a noodle that is 85% vegetable. It is edible as a snack when dry and can be easily cooked just like your regular instant noodles. It also has a shelf life of one year.

10. Mira Hills’ Vigan Longganisa

Mira Hills brings the garlicy aroma Vigan Longganisa into their ready to cook version of the product. Even better, you do not need cooking oil to cook their longganisa. Just put Mira Hills’ in water and boil it, and it will be cooked in its own oil.

The much-awaited IFEX Philippines is a chance for food lovers and entrepreneurs to discover new products. Tagged as ‘Asia’s ethnic food & ingredients show’, it is the country’s biggest international trade exhibition on the Philippine and Asian specialty food products, attracting wholesale buyers, importers, and food distributors from all over the world.

IFEX Philippines runs from May 19-21, 2017 at the World Trade Center Metro Manila and Philippine Trade Training Center in Pasay City.

Cover photo: CITEM Executive Director Clayton Tugonon led the opening toast to formally open the festivities at IFEX Philippines on May 19, 2017. IFEX Philippines is organized by the CITEM under DTI.

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