Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The EDSA Revolution Should Be the Grandest People Power Event Ever

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"This [EDSA] anniversary is an event that to me deserves a more dignified treatment than a ‘quiet celebration’ in the guise of moving on. I believe that the truth of our past will ensure clarity of direction in our future. Moving on and forgetting may leave us in danger of making the same mistakes all over again." - Vice President Leni Robredo

If the current administration wants to celebrate the EDSA revolution anniversary in a simple manner, let's take it upon ourselves to make it the grandest event ever as our way to protest the absurdity they are trying to force into our faces.

For me, this event is what put the Philippines in the map... It was not the boxers, not the beauty queens, not even the floods, and especially not the "It's More Fun in the Philippines" tourism campaign. It's the EDSA Revolution, otherwise known as the People Power, that really caught the attention of the world.

When we overthrew a dictator who has remained in power for so many years, the world finally knew about the Philippines for having men and women who are united to fight an oppressor.

We had the dictator and his family fleeing out of the Philippines!

If we treat the EDSA Revolution like its nothing but an ordinary event, then we are forgetting how it abruptly hanged our lives for the better.

It would have been worst if the Marcos family continued their reign, and yet we see Filipinos putting them back in power. One almost made it to Malacanang, but I fear somebody is already starting to pave the way for them to return.

Honestly, I am very open when it comes to my political alliances, as every one of us should be. For it is not only ourselves that are heading for a likely downfall, but as well as the rest of the nation if we let another evil monstrosity reign again.

Evil takes many forms and they are often the ones we least expect.

A "social media policy" the Presidential Communications Office is crafting seeks to allow bloggers "to be recognized as legitimate sources of information."

However, this is in reference to pro-Duterte bloggers only.

So there's a big probability that you won't see me there at a Malacanang presscon. Lol!

I would rather blog about the truth rather than spread "fake" or "hyped" or "sensationalized" news (like what pro-Duterte bloggers do) just to get hits or views.

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